What Powerpack CMS offers for OTT/VOD Platforms?

CMS is a core of every OTT/VOD platform that ensures the provider gets the right content in the right format. It is a system used to manage and deploy your content. It enhances and truly delivers the experience that will continue to drive engagement. Managing the content is quite a headache if it is not …

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How to Optimize OTT/VOD Platforms in 2021

VOD or Video on Demand is a technology that permits creators and users to watch the content in their own way. They can watch what they want when they want instead of following a traditional broadcasting schedule. VOD platforms are allowing users and creators to bypass the traditional methods of distributing and watching video content.  …

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5 Points to Consider before Launching your OTT Platforms

OTT industry has a huge potential of growth. People are switching more to online channels for entertainment. As per ComScore, around 50 million households across the world have OTT videos that they consume in a similar time-of-day pattern as traditional TV viewer. For quick functionality and quality of experience of the OTT platform, we have …

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