Android App

Approach as many users as you want by selecting Vodlix android apps. We will launch and maintain your fully customized Android app so your viewers can have the benefit of using it on their mobile devices, tablets, or TV screens of all sizes!

With this app, your viewers can watch video on demand as well as live streaming.

Native App

We offer you a completely native app, built from scratch so we can come up to all your personal customization requirements. The app is developed carefully considering Google’s defined programming standards. Vodlix will provide you support and keep your apps up to date as soon as the Play store releases new updates. All you need is to wait for 2 working days to get your app developed and you’re ready to go live!

Vodlix Onyx Support

Get the feel of your streaming app even before it is developed! As soon you become a Vodlix customer, unlock your true ownership and get hands-on with your streaming app right from the beginning using Vodlix Onyx. Onyx app (patent-pending), an innovative invention from Vodlix , delivers a near deployment quality working preview of your native mobile app instantly where you can stream video/audio and test the streaming quality as well! See, feel, and experience your streaming app through Vodlix Onyx till the original app gets mustered up at developer’s desk to be one of the best in business.

White Label

Your app will be completely white labeled which means you will see no Vodlix logos anywhere! It allows you to have your own brand name under your Goodle ID and only your own logo will appear so that viewers get to know your brand name instead of Vodlx’s and all the transactions are made in your personal accounts.

Fully Managed

When Vodlix designs your app, it takes care of everything including its launch and further maintenance as soon as Playstore releases updates. It lets your users concentrate merely on their unique and exclusive content without the headache of bug fixes.

All Features

Vodlix allows you to have all the latest features and keep your viewers satisfied with all their demanded features. All you need is a registration/login and you can easily access content, manage subscriptions, quick transactions, and everything a video streaming platform is expected to provide.

Completely Customizable

Want to make an app with a theme and look of your choice? That is possible with Vodlix. Also, you can bring design and integration from third party platforms too. Since your Android app is built from scratch, we offer you to create it the way you want.

Integrated Billing

Vodlix offers you a variety of monetization options for your platform ranging from SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, PPV or a mixture of all. Not only this, with Vodlix you have the facility of buying your own merchandise and making money through it. All under control of your Android App!

Analytics & Reports

Vodlix not only creates your Android app but also maintains it and keeps a check on its overall performance on a regular basis. Secondly, on Vodlix dashboard you will get a report of viewers’ watch time, bandwidth consumption, impressions, etc. This lets you manage your content in a better way.

Chromecast and YouCast Support

Your video streaming Android Apps powered by Vodlix will have in-built casting support for Chromecast and YouCast, so that your viewers can quickly cast or stream videos from your Android App onto their Connected TVs and have an enriched experience.

Update Notification

The Android app sends you a push notification for the newer version available once the user is connected to the internet and is using the app. It is then the user’s choice to update it right away or skip it for later.

Content Notification

Now you can keep your viewers updated with their latest TV shows or movies of their favorite cast/directors with content notifications!

Offline Playback

Your users can now play offline audio on their mobile phones/tablets with the Offline Playback feature of your Android app without even having access to the internet.

Voice Search

Text-based search is so old-fashioned. Bring conversational AI to life on your platform by enabling voice search in mobile platforms both iOS and Android. Join the A-listers with a voice!