Chromecast from Web and Mobile apps

Let your viewers watch their favorite TV Shows, Movies & Videos from your streaming platform on the comfort and luxury of a Big Screen TV easily, with vodlix Chromecast Connected Eco-system!

Vodlix lets your viewers stream their favorite videos from your streaming platform to their Chromecast connected Screens and TVs out-of-the-box without any headache of installing additional apps or add-ons. Your viewers can choose to watch their favorite videos via a Website (Browser with the Google Cast extension installed) or via a Mobile Devices (with Google Cast installed) by just pressing the cast button on the video player on your Vodlix powered platform.

Let the magic take place automatically, as you and your viewers relax, without worrying for anything or without spending any penny to enable this exciting feature. Chromecast Connect is a free in-built option that gets bundled with all Vodlix Websites and Mobile Apps.

Start Streaming Immediately!

All Vodlix powered Video Streaming Platforms come with ready Chromecast Support for Web and Mobile Apps. Vodlix supports all chromecast generations, enabling your viewers to take automatic advantage of the comfort & luxury of a big screen playback and start streaming your content to their connected TVs instantly. Your viewers, however, will need basic Google Cast apps and extensions installed on their web and mobile devices to take advantage of this feature and be in the same wifi network as their chromecast or be able to sync up with Chromecast in their area.

Website Support

Vodlix offers extensive Chromecast Support for web browsers with Google Cast extension installed. Your viewers can choose to stream a Movie, TV Shows or Videos from your Vodlix powered web platform and cast them directly to their connected TVs for a much richer viewing experience, just needing a cast enabled browser and your website (no apps required). The feature is supported across all Vodlix powered Website architectures and Vodlix Proprietary HTML5 Online Video Players, which makes it easy for your viewers accessing your website either from a laptop or from a mobile device to cast onto their connected TVs instantly.

Apps Support

Vodlix offers a seamless Chromecast experience for Apps on Android and iOS platforms, so that your viewers having your Android or iOS Mobile Apps powered by Vodlix can easily cast videos on their connected larger screens in an instant. All that is needed is to have their “Google Cast” installed and Chromecast setup complete to be able to take advantage of this large screen experience instantly!

No Extra Cost

Vodlix doesn’t charge a single dime to enable this feature onto your platform. The Chromecast experience is pre-build into the core of Vodlix platform, website and mobile apps. So, allow the luxury of streaming your videos on a bigger screen for your viewers and enrich their experience at no additional cost added to your wallet.

Support for Video Ads

As long as the Ad-Server you choose is able to support playback onto large screen TVs and Chromecast, Vodlix seamlessly supports Video Ads on your platform while casting using Chromecast. This means that your monetization options such as AVOD remain constant when your viewers switch to Chromecast, and this ensures that you don’t miss any monetization opportunities.

Support for Offline Viewing

Vodlix supports offline videos’ casting to Chromecast. Users can download their favorite video content on the chromecast app and watch it later. With this feature, the Vodlix platform allows unrestricted streaming support to end users even when they are offline.