Content Protection and DRM Integration

In order to protect your content from illegal download, Vodlix provides DRM integration for end-to-end encryption. This means, your uploaded content will be accessible to only the end user’s device. It will save you from unauthorized downloads or invalid attempts to access your content. 

Vodlix comes with Studio Grade DRM which means your users need not to worry about copyrights or piracy hacks because it will be integrated with studios, distributors and content providers. This protects your audio/video content during streaming as well as during in-app purchases or in-app downloads.

Multi-Format & Multi-Device Compatible

In order to entertain diverse audiences, Vodlix Studio Grade DRM protects your content in all devices such as laptops, TVs, mobile devices as well as all media formats and codecs maintained by iOS, Android and Silverlight technologies.

End-to-End Encryption

Vodlix Studio Grade DRM ensures end-to-end encryption of your audio/video content and no access to content would be possible without approved licenses. Hence, your content will be protected against illegal download attempts and content interception.

Offline Streaming

Vodlix encryption provides an option to choose between various resolutions and bitrates, hence,  does not allow access  to the entire content through a single file. Studio Grade DRM ensures your content protection even after downloading it (offline). You will need content specific unique passkeys or licence keys to access the content.

Content Validity Management

Vodlix gives its users a free hand to set validity/expiry dates to any specific content. Once the viewer downloads a video/audio content, it is stored within the app and not the device. This allows the admin to set a date after which that particular content will be deleted automatically from their devices and they would need to re-download it. 

Restrict Screen Recording/Screenshot

As platform owners, you have all the rights to protect your content in every way possible. Vodlix Studio Grade DRM understands it and provides restriction to take a screenshot or even screen-record the content. If viewers try to take a screenshot/screen-record, they will only get to see a blank screen.

Multiple DRM Options

Vodlix Studio Grade DRM comes with various options to protect your content with high level of anti-piracy measures. It supports all standard DRM services including Widevine, Playready, Fairplay, etc.

Supports All Services

No matter whether you travel in car or by flight, you can enjoy our services, be it live streaming, music subscription or catch-up TV. However, your content stays protected with Vodlix Studio Grade DRM.

DRM for Multiple Devices

Vodlix Studio Grade DRM allows you to protect your content from unauthorized downloads across multiple devices. DRM can be enabled on Mobile Apps, laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.

Built-in Browser

To save your viewers from the hassle of plug-ins and security issues that come with various browsers, Vodlix DRM comes with a built-in browser integrated with HTML5 player to ensure smooth playback for its viewers.

DRM-enabled Live Streaming

Not only Vodlix DRM protects your downloaded content, but live streaming events too. Your live stream is encrypted and broadcasted only to users who have access to live events with 100% protection from illegal downloads or piracy..

Forensic Watermarking

To protect your content from leaks, Vodlix DRM provides Forensic Watermarking which allows only admins to embed secret codes into your audio/video content so that any leaks can be easily traced