Custom Video Player

Since Vodlix is developed on a highly customized framework, it makes it pretty simple, and very easy to connect with almost all kinds of third party platforms, tools and services that are present in the industry. All you have to do is show us an API and SDK kit and we will integrate it to work for your platform. 

Vodlix makes it super easy for you to customize any feature or function Vodlix according to your need as it is built on a modular framework. All you have to do is purchase our DevHours package and our team of experts will do it all.


Vodlix lets you customize and integrate with its DevHour packages which allows you to give your platform a unique touch. We know that every user has its own requirement of adding up features or integrations. DevHour packages has made it easy with which you can add a ticket, make a purchase of any package and get your requests completed without a hassle.

Pricing image
Pricing image

Custom Development

Vodlix makes it convenient for you to customize your platform as per your requirements which include changing a current feature, adding extra features, make existing features look different, etc. Our engineers team can handle all kinds of requests and make it just according to what you need.

Custom Integrations

With Vodlix, it is quick and easy to integrate with 3rd party services, platforms or tools as it is built on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). 3rd party services and tools include Payment Gateways, CRMs, Analytics Tools, Ad Servers, etc. Availability of API or SDK is all that is needed.