Device Management

Device management feature allows you to keep a check on who is accessing your platform as well as their number of devices.

With a full control on number of login attempts, number of device subscriptions and duration of login, you can stay protected from malicious login attempts maintaining the platform’s safety.

Device Management

Vodlix lets you set a specific number of logins allowed on a particular number of devices. You can even restrict your users to login from a single device so that Vodlix recognizes and authenticates login from that particular device only.

Auto-Delete Devices

Now you can allow your viewers to delete a certain device after a specific time too! If your user is sharing their credentials with their family or friends, they can restrict the time limit of their devices as well. After the time limit exceeds, the device will automatically be deleted and the shared user will not be able to use it anymore.

Restrict Simultaneous Logins

Just like Netflix, your users can restrict the number of login attempts as well as the number of devices logged in with the same credentials.

Prevent Login Misuse

In order to keep the security of your user’s account, you can restrict unauthorized content.