Country Restriction on Content

Vodlix allows you to block or restrict your content to certain countries. You can blacklist and/or Whitelist countries. 

You can also block IP Addresses to stop them accessing your cloud.

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Vodlix has an encrypted system of allowing the platform owners to block and govern the provision of video streaming services however they please. Through the means of geo zoning, certain content is blocked from further viewership, and a complete hold is authorised to the platform holder for future changes.

Moreover, Vodlix allows you to control your content and adopt diversifying strategies to limit it for some places and allow full access in others. Through this service, autonomy is practiced, and copyright and licensing issues are decreased.

Geographic Restrictions

Vodlix provides the services of blocking specific content in that particular region. In this way, problems of licensing and other issues are removed.

white label video on demand
white label video on demand

Content Restrictions

Vodlix provides the services of blocking specific content in that particular region. In this way, problems of licensing and other issues are removed.

Internet Protocol Restrictions

Through a specified system, Vodlix makes sure to provide an option to block individual IP addresses, to restrict and cut off any access to the platform’s streaming services.

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Blacklisting and Whitelisting
Internet Protocols

Blocking access to certain addresses with complete protection of transcoded data. Vodlix caters to an advanced system of blacklisting IPs to refrain them from having access to any of the services. The approach is an overall strong way of limiting cyber-attacks and threats to Video Streaming sites.

Restriction of IPAddresses

Vodlix manages the restriction of IPs that are a potential threat or not wanted to view certain content allowed over the client’s website or applications.

white label video on demand
white label video on demand

Blockage of Provision

Vodlix caters to a way of blocking content for restricted IPs. This way, complete control is authorized by the website holder.

Whitelisting of Addresses

With a quick change in settings, Vodlix allows the user to change blacklisted IPs to whitelisted ones and allow them access to streaming services. This is done without any loss of particular data and the provision seems secure.

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Three-way blockage of

Vodlix gives its clients access to block certain content and allows other data to generate traffic.Vodlix has an accessible way of giving the platform owners the authority to block content and restrict access to streaming without a loss or misuse of data.

Complete Platform Blockage

The users are able to completely block the website or application from a specific region from any sort of viewership or transcoding of data. Settings are interchangeable and can be reverted anytime the user decides to.

white label ott
white label ott

Specific Content Restriction

Vodlix services an option of holding back certain encoded data for some regions of the world. The platform provides an easy way to limit the streaming and viewership over some data while allowing others to general users.

Controlled Access For Downloaded Content

Vodlix provides its users the feasibility to restrict the content downloading option for certain regions. The data is available only for the purpose of streaming and anything over simple viewership results in access denied.

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Device Sharing Blockage

Vodlix has individualised plans for sharing of content provision of encoded data.A secured system ensures the usage of plans and the number of users are available to access the streaming services. Vodlix ensures to block any active user or users which are not included in the plan and restrict the access to the authorities.

Streaming Device Plans

Vodlix has two-way plans for the client’s website and applications. With proper streaming services, a fee is charged every month to avail the viewership access.

vod streaming services
vod streaming services

Blockage of unauthorised users

The security system has a quick response to restrict and uphold any user trying to avail services without a subscription to the plan.

Limit On Device Usage

A proper access is built by restricting the usage of devices under a single plan. Vodlix allows the clients to categorise the number of mobile phone or any other devices which can be used. The login procedure is further secured and controls the access.

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