Geo Zoning

Ever imagined the reason behind Netflix not showing you some TV shows and movies? It happens because they have been geo-blocked in your state by Netflix content management. This is why we understand how Geographic restrictions are so important for your OTT Platform allowing your content to be shown only in specific countries or regions. 

Vodlix enables its users to manage Geo-Zoning from their CMS. Vodlix manages it in 2 ways:

1) Blocking the entire website or apps to be shown in any country

2) Blocking specific content from appearing in certain countries.

Blocking Entire Website or Apps

Vodlix gives you the exclusive feature of blocking the entire website or apps in a certain country or region within seconds! This setting can be changed as per users’ choice. In a nutshell, none of the content will appear to a country or region against your will. It simply works with the dialogue saying “Currently not available in your country.

Blocking Specific Content

We understand how you might not have a geographic distribution license to a specific content and for this, you want to restrict that particular content to a country or region. Vodlix enables its users to block that kind of content yet lets you generate traffic on the basis of other content allowed in those geographical areas. 

Blacklisting/Whitelisting IP Addresses

Through the CMS dashboard, Vodlix gives you the option to blacklist an IP address of any region of your choice, which means, they will no longer have access to it. In the same way, you can convert the blacklisted IP addresses back to whitelist and give them access again.

Restrict Access to Kart

Vodlix enables its users to restrict particular countries or physical outlets affiliated with some countries where delivery or shipment is not available/possible. Users can easily restrict a specific country according to the rights available for shipment yet make money through giving access to the content on their platform and website traffic.

Restrict Content Download

According to the rules set in geo-blocking, Vodlix allows its users to restrict content such as DOCs, PDFs, PPTs, ZIP, etc. Restricting the content download feature enables you to disable the “Download” option for a specific country or region.