How it Works

Learn how simple it is to launch your own VOD Platform!


Initial Setup

Finalize type of content
Setup payment gateway

Add Content

Upload videos
Add meta data

Go Live

Go live
Earn Revenue

Initial Setup

Estimated timeframe: 10 minutes

1 . Sign Up with Vodlix for Free

Vodlix was nominated for Content Innovation Awards 2015 by Digital TV under the category ” Cloud TV initiative of the year ” for delivering compelling user experiences that are giving traditional pay TV a run for its money. We are proud to be nominated under this category that has been recognized as the most innovative cloud TV service or technology of the year.

2. Select a template

Select a design template for your VOD website or/and mobile app.

3. Finalize Type of Content

Vodlix supports different types of content including:

a. Single-part long form:Individual content of duration 60 minutes or longer. Example: Movies

b. Single-part short form: Individual content of duration 20 minutes or less. Example: video song or clip

c. Multi-part: Series of content having multiple parts. Example:TV series

4. Setup Payment Gateway

You need a payment gateway to collect money from your users through credit card and have it transferred to your bank account. Enter information of your payment gateway if you already have one or create a new one, all from within Vodlix. Ask us if you need any help.

Add Content

Estimated timeframe: 1 week, depends on amount of content you need to upload

5. Upload Videos

Upload your videos through our secure browser-based interface. Depending on your Internet speed, it takes around 30 minutes to upload 1 hour of video.

6. Add Metadata

Add metadata for your content such as poster, story, cast etc…More metadata you add, easier it becomes for users to find and watch your content.

a. Marketing: Market your VOD platform. Ask us if you need help.

b. Refresh content: Add new content on a regular basis to keep your users engaged.

Go Live

Estimated timeframe: 1 week, depends on amount of content you need to upload.

7. Go Live

Your VOD platform is ready. Make it live on a single click


8. Earn Revenue

Sit back, relax and collect revenue! Vodlix takes care of the entire video streaming platform. Your responsibility after go-live is: