IOS Apps

With Vodlix white Label iOS App your video platform can be reached out to 1 Billion + iOS users. 

Vodlix comes with an absolutely native app developed using React Native. You don’t need  to get into depth of IT knowledge, coding or development teams, Vodlix powered admin panel does it all for you! You can stream on-demand and do live streaming in seconds.


The iOS app is custom built and works across all iOS devices like iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod Touch. Airplay support is pre integrated so that your viewers can enjoy the videos on larger screens with ease. 

Since the app is totally white label, Vodlix is not mentioned anywhere and the app appears on the App store with your ID.

Native App

Vodlix gives its users the facility to customize their iOS App completely and represent your business in a better way. Vodlix ensures support and latest updates of iOS Apps as soon as Apple releases them.

Vodlix Onyx Support

Get the feel of your streaming app even before it is developed! As soon you become a Vodlix customer, unlock your true ownership and get hands-on with your streaming app right from the beginning using Vodlix Onyx. Onyx app (patent-pending), an innovative invention from Vodlix , delivers a near deployment quality working preview of your native mobile app instantly where you can stream video/audio and test the streaming quality as well! See, feel, and experience your streaming app through Vodlix Onyx till the original app gets mustered up at developer’s desk to be one of the best in business.

White Label

Since the iOS app is native and is completely white-labeled, you will not see a single logo of Vodlix anywhere. The app will be given your name and logo. Not only this, all of your transactions will go directly into your accounts with zero shares to Vodlix.

Fully Managed

Vodlix keeps it all clear! The apps are fully managed by us which includes, keeping it up to date, maintaining the IT infrastructure as well as removing all kinds of bugs and errors in a timely manner. You only get to focus on the newest and distinctive content for your viewers.

All Features

The native iOS App is all-in-one! It not only gives you unique and up to date features but also a variety of monetization options, speedy payments and effortless subscription management to access your content. 


Vodlix offers you to make your design or integrate third-party platforms too! Since the iOS App is built from scratch, it offers you to customize and make whatever design that you like.

Multiple Monetization

Vodlix supports various monetization models including SVOD (Subscription-based Video On Demand), AVOD (Ad-based Video On Demand), PPV (Pay Per View) and also TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand), all working at a time. Not only this, Vodlix understands your monetization requirements and can design monetization models as per your need.


Analytics & Reports

Vodlix dashboard provides you a complete analysis of the performance of iOS App as well as a statistical report of bandwidth consumption, viewership, watch time, etc.

Payment Gateway

All your payment gateways are in handy through Vodlix. If you do not see your desired gateway in defaults, you can request one of your own. Also, Vodlix billing engine gives you a hassle free facility of setting standard subscription plans and your customers are charged automatically. Besides this, total revenue share goes to your own bank account, zero shares with Vodlix or even Apple. 


Vodlix IOS apps are pre integrated with airplay support. Hence, your viewers can watch their favorite content on a big screen by simply connecting it with Apple TV and turning on airplay. Furthermore, there are no additional charges involved because it is a default feature of the iOS App.

Offline Audio Playback

Vodlix offline audio playback feature enables your users to stream buffer-free music on their mobile devices even when they do not have access to the internet!

Voice Search

We have brought conversational AI to life on your platform by enabling voice search in mobile platforms both iOS and Android. You can join the A-listers with a voice!