Live TV Streaming

Vodlix Live Server lets you live stream any event with as much big of a size with maximum security!
Vodlix Live Server offers you to stream all kinds of live events ranging from sports events, conferences, meetings, TV channels, festivals or even games. Vodlix is an end-to-end streaming solution that delivers your content throughout the world with the least likelihood of latency and gives you a unique connected experience.

Besides this, Vodlix gives unlimited concurrent users on engaged webcasts with multi-bitrate technology and the most organized support backing you up 24/7, 365 days a year.

Live TV Streaming

Vodlix gives you the ultimate experience of Live TV Streaming from just a click away, anywhere in the world. We have direct access to satellite feeds for Live Events, TV channels, etc. Scheduling to watch Live Events/Shows 24/7 is made super easy with Vodlix Playout feature.

Stream from Camera

Users can now easily handle and process raw feeds from the camera and convert them to live streaming. All they have to do is to share the source they are taking the video from and we will convert and transcode the feed to multiple formats and through our CDN, we can syndicate the same format for live video streaming and deliver to the viewers within microseconds. Viewers will have the facility of adaptive bitrate, pause and rewind. Not only this but the option to watch (On Demand) the whole Live Streaming event right after it’s over.


We use RTMP and HLS feed, both for Live Streaming services. All you have to do is simply enter your live Feed URL in the backend and leave the rest to us. Vodlix Video Player will embed the feed and play it back to the viewers in no time and without losing a single frame.

All-in-one Platform

Unlike the old tradition of having separate platforms for Live Streaming and On-Demand content, Vodlix comes with the specialty of bringing both on a single platform at a time!
Not only this, you can also monetize your platforms with a variety of options for both Live Streaming and On-Demand content.

Peer to Peer Live Streaming

Peer-to-peer live video streaming function is possible simply from the Vodlix admin area. It allows your users to share their live streaming content with their friends and family across the globe from the palm of their hand. Yes! Vodlix allows you to live stream from your Mobile Apps (Android/iOS) with your own service similar to Periscope or Facebook Live.

Embed Live Streaming

Want your users to live stream from their websites? Vodlix comes with the utmost flexibility  to let your viewers embed and share your live streaming content with an easy copy and paste step. It will allow them to share live streaming with 3rd parties as well as enable them to embed your event/channel on their websites so as to get maximum viewers.

Monetization of Live Streaming

Not only can you make money through On-Demand videos but with live streaming feed too! We support all monetization models (SVOD, AVOD, PPV, etc.) for live streams as well. Users can get their revenue directly in their bank accounts without a single share to Vodlix.

Build to Scale

Vodlix offers its users to stay tension free of the limit of concurrent viewers for live streaming. Vodlix Live Server enables unlimited concurrent viewers for live streaming events and scales automatically when demand increases. You don’t need to upsize or downsize your infrastructure needs again and again. It is to say, no manual intervention is required. We provide the exclusive feature to build to scale according to the increase in number of concurrent viewers.