Metadata Management

Vodlix comes with a CMS (Content Management System) where your audio or video content is described specifically so that your viewers can get a refined search of their desired content. Metadata is all about content description including genres, categories, etc. so it is easier for your viewers to put a filter or sort their preferred content. This also lets your platform be more prominent on the web/SEO friendly.

Metadata Management

Vodlix offers you to manage your digital assets easily searchable on the engines. It has standard parameters on the basis of which users can put metadata information to their content and gives you the authority to change it anytime.

Content Categories

Vodlix provides its users with an ulta metadata management system with which you can add content with respect to their categories like movies, TV series, etc. as well as genre specificity such as comedy, thriller, action, etc. It also allows you to put the popular content under the “recommended” category. 

Not only this, Vodlix gives you the facility of creating your own metadata including cast, genre release date, content type, number of seasons, etc. so that it gives your viewers a refined search when they are looking for their specific content category.

Create Metadata forms

Vodlix CMS enables account owners to put a particular content under a particular category by creating metadata forms. With this feature, admins will be able to make a content library and with pre-defined metadata, it will be convenient to put which movie or TV series under which category. 

Add Cast & Crew Metadata

While content metadata helps in assigning categories, cast and crew metadata helps in categorizing a particular cast and crew with the rest of content. Once a particular cast is defined, it can be used multiple times if it is a part of another movie/TV show too. This is helpful when viewers are looking for content of a particular cast. 

Vodlix also allows you to create artists’ pages with their name, biography, description, number of movies, etc. in order to create fandom and make it interesting for your viewers.

Import/Export Metadata

Managing a huge library sometimes becomes a tedious task. With Vodlix , everything can be done with a click of the mouse. Vodlix supports easy import or export of video and audio metadata in any format such as Excel, CSV or any other format known in the industry. Apart from this, if your existing metadata catalog is present in MRSS (Media Really Simple Syndication) format, you can easily send us the feed URL and we will work with you on importing your entire library in a jiffy! It’s that simple with Vodlix.

Custom Metadata

With Vodlix, you can create unlimited custom fields of metadata of your content or cast and crew and use it at multiple places within your audio/video content. All your custom information can be controlled on the CMS

Filter and Search

With Vodlix refined search options, viewers can sort, filter and search any kind of desired content.

Metadata Translations

We work on all levels to enrich the user experience on our platform. Apart from adding custom metadata fields, you can even translate the custom metadata into other languages enabled on your platform. This helps in engaging better with your platform users by offering more elements in their native language.