Multi Lingual UI

With Vodlix you can communicate with your viewers with their native languages. The built-in multi-language support lets your viewers to translate websites and apps into various languages so it is easier for your viewers to use it. 

Not only this, you can export strings and convert them into local languages as well as add more than two languages. It also allows you to customize and localize your platform to certain audiences and geographical regions

Multi-Language Support

The default language of Vodlix is English but you can set any language of your platform according to your region or audience as default to make it convenient for your viewers. You can also add multiple languages to make your viewers more comfortable.

Export & Import Strings

This feature saves your time and effort of adding and converting languages manually. All you need to do is export language strings, download them in English, translate them into as many languages as you want in a single go and import it again.

RTL Language Support

In order to provide as much convenience as possible, Vodlix supports RTL languages as well e.g. Hebrew or Arabic. With it you can translate your platform into an RTL supported language.

UTF-8 Compatible

If your translated strings are UTF 8 compatible, it can be easily converted and supported in your local language. Vodlix gives you control over everything!

Translate your Metadata

You can even translate your metadata fields into your audience’s preferred languages. These language convenient factors contribute to better user engagement altogether.

Location-based Translation

Vodlix allows your users to translate their website or app based on their geographical area. When a user logs in, he is automatically given the option to translate it into his native language

Multilingual SEO Support

Vodlix takes care of all your basics including multilingual SEO support which means updated sitemap, page meta information, auto-redirection, language codes in URL, all are translated into your desired language automatically.

Multiple audio language support for DRM contents

Vodlix allows its users to upload audio/video content with multi audio tracks so that your viewers can watch their favorite movie or TV shows in their native language. Isn’t that amazing?