Express in their language and
Connect with your audience!

Through Vodlix you are now able to communicate with your audience in their native language with our Multi Language Feature.
We believe in language removes all barriers!
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Multi Language Features
Vodlix offers a unified experience with developer-friendly integration and best-in-class encoding tools. Ensuring the easies.

Default language is English but you may set any other language as default on your platform according to the audience region.

Download Export language strings in English and translate them into as many languages as you want in a single go and import them again.

Translate your platform content into an RTL supported language for e.g. Hebrew or Arabic.

Convert and support your UTF 8 compatible translated strings in your native language.

Translate your metadata fields into viewers preferred languages.

Translate your website or app according to geographical area.

Automatically translate URL language codes, auto redirection, page meta information and updated sitemap into your desired language.

Upload audio & video content with multi audio tracks as viewers can now watch their favourite shows in their native language.

Multi Language Support

Vodlix offers its clients Multi Language Support that help engage increased traffic on their app. Through this viewers can translate the content on Websites or Apps into various languages making usage easier for them and gain increased customer satisfaction.