OTT platform

5 Points to Consider before Launching your OTT Platforms

Launching your OTT Platforms OTT industry has a huge potential of growth. People are switching more to online channels for entertainment. As per ComScore, around 50 million households across the world have OTT videos that they consume in a similar time-of-day pattern as traditional TV viewer. For quick functionality and quality of experience of the …

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The Impact on Streaming During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nowadays digitalization has been changing globally as media consumption is changing. Due to the increase in better networks, speedy internet connections, and the technological innovations in smart devices like Mobiles, Laptops, TVs, etc. have resulted in the growth of OTT media which allows users to view their favorite content via the internet. The global OTT …

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Streaming Devices

Top 6 Streaming Devices to Launch Your OTT App On

Streaming Devices to Launch Your OTT App On OTT Streaming services have generated new opportunities for content publishers and distributors as they are providing more control, more convenience, and more variety of streaming. That is why people are shifting from traditional TV to OTT streaming. OTT or Over the Top, uses a technology to deliver …

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netflix cracks down

Netflix cracks down on Password Sharing with a New Test

Netflix Cracks Down on Password Sharing with a New Test It is the common practice of sharing password of Netflix account among family and friends which according to the company will no longer be possible. The company is testing its new features which will restrict password sharing and only the authorized users will be able …

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Get The Best Netflix Clone in 6 Simple Steps with Vodlix

Fight over the TV remote and argument on what to watch next on Television are stories of the past. Because people can entertain themselves by watching anything, anytime, and from any device with online streaming services. Moreover, it is estimated the revenue of the global video streaming market will reach up to $108.3 billion by 2025. And …

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What Is DRM And How To Implement The Right One?

What are Digital Right Management systems (DRM)? Digital Right Management systems are software programs to protect copyrights for digital media. They help companies to protect and control their valuable digital content. Digital Content can be in any form for instance documents, videos, images, or audio files. DRM systems use technologies that restrict the copying and …

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4 Best Revenue Models for OTT Monetization in 2021

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) is the model where viewers pay for access to the specific content. This model is suited for the viewers who want an advertisement-free experience and do not want access to the entire library of the video content. This monetization model is ideal for extended content like some sporting events or …

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