Promotions & Coupons

What is the best way to attract more customers? Give them discounts and coupons! Vodlix built-in Coupon Code engine has removed the headache of generating promotional codes manually. The Code engine lets you generate codes for marketing promotions, seasonal sales or occasional discounts like New Year.

The interesting part is that you can design your coupons the way you want. Be it a one-time coupon, multi-use coupon, a flat discount or discounts on purchases. You can generate unlimited coupons! Not only this, you can custom create a bundle of coupons at a time too!
User Friendly Interface
Vodlix built-in Coupon Code Engine has made it super simple to generate one coupon or many of them at a time within a very few minutes. Its interface is user-friendly and does not include complicated coding.

Customers Appraisal

Give more discounts to your loyal and old customers so that they stay stuck to your services. You can offer them % discounts or discounts on cash as well. All you need to do is create a promotion for your old customers and send it to them in a single click.

Reward Customers

Provide your viewers with something extra. Design promotional & discount offers that keep your viewers glued to your platform striving for more. You can offer both cash as well as % discount for purchases done on your platform.

Discount Sets

We offer you a complete control over your promotional coupons. You can give coupons for one-time use as well as use a single code multiple times. You can choose whatever suits your marketing strategy.

Limited Time Offers

Vodlix understands your requirements more than any other platform. You can set a time limit for a certain coupon or promotion and deactivate it whenever you like just with a single click!

No Hidden Charges

Vodlix promises no hidden charges for creating discounts or coupons. Create an unlimited number of coupons without sharing a single penny of your revenue with us.

Coupons Management

Vodlix gives you a free hand to make a list of categories of users to whom you want to provide a coupon. You can set a date of validity/expiry as well as select a particular category of users to give a certain discount.

Restrict Coupon Usage

You can restrict the as many users as you want to use a certain coupon. You can also restrict a coupon to be used multiple times by a category of users. All is up to you!

Coupon-specific Content

Not only can you restrict users to certain coupons but also restrict a specific category of content on which you do not want to apply a coupon such as premium content, etc.