Let’s Launch Your Own ROKU Channel (App)

Launch Fully Featured & Managed Video Streaming Roku Channel for your Brand!

Roku, with millions of streaming devices and TVs is amongst the most popular streaming OS/Box in the market today. It is essential for any major OTT/VOD platform to entertain their audience by launching their own branded Roku Channel (App) so their users can enjoy a seamless experience on Roku streaming devices as well.

With Vodlix OTT/VOD solution, you can launch your own branded Roku channel, All you need to do is order a Roku app for your Vodlix based OTT or VOD platform and we will take care of the rest and notify you once your branded Roku app is ready.


Nothing says luxury like watching video content on a TV screen with your feet up on a coffee table. That’s a viewing-experience worth paying for. Be the one to give your viewers that ultimate experience.

Key Features Of Roku App

The following features and services are included with every Roku app we build and launch.

Roku TV™: More than a
smart TV—a better TV.

Get endless entertainment with built-in features to stream,
watch live TV, and more.