Registration and Login

More the registration and login procedure is easy, the better. Vodlix enables your users to register and sign-in within a few minutes. These characteristics enhance your sales as well as gives your users a better subscription experience.

Use your Social Media Accounts

For the ease of your customers and to save them from hassle of signing up first, we offer one-click sign-in on the sign page via your Google or Facebook account already logged in. 

Enable/Disable Login

With this feature, users can allow admins to enable or disable login for particular viewers as well as provide child lock or define restrictions for guest users.

Free Content Login

This feature lets guests users access certain content for free simply with the help of sign up.

Email Verification

With email verification, Vodlix makes your registration and account secure. It provides single-factor or two-factor verification algorithms in order to authenticate a particular ID.

Add Custom Fields

We do provide you with standard forms for registration but you also have an option to add/ remove fields as per your requirement e.g. secret questions, etc.

Flexible Log in

Let your viewers subscribe with their convenient way of logging in, be it their email address, phone number or a unique username authenticated with OTP (One Time Password).

One Time Password

Once you set an OTP (One Time Password), Vodlix stores it and in this way you can stay away from miscellaneous logins keeping your platform secure and transparent.

SSO with Comcast

Keep repeated login hassles and security concerns at bay. Let unified authentication take charge of seamless user access to your website and apps. Our service-oriented architecture enables integrating with Single Sign-on (SSO) providers, that in turn allows your users to authenticate themselves via a 3rd party identity provider to access your services without needing to sign-up with your apps separately. Users can use the same credentials across multiple platforms. We support SAML 2.0 based Authentication with Comcast out of the box. Want to add IDP of your choice? Talk to us now.