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OTT Platforms

Payment Gateways

Vodlix gives you the facility to run your convenient payment gateway in just a click. We integrate with all the famous payment gateways including Strip, Paypal, Adyen, etc.

Moreover, Vodlix offers you to choose a payment gateway as per your convenience or preference within a very few hours. It can be integrated on the Vodlix page or on a hosted page from the gateway’s domain and you are ready to go live!

Popular OTT Monetization Models


SVOD is the most popular and opted model among OTT service providers. The viewer can access the platform at a certain fee by opting for the SVOD model. Adopting SVOD over other pricing models definitely has an edge in profit-making


The viewers pay for access to the specific content in Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) . perfect for the viewers who want an advertisement-free experience and do not want access to the entire library of the video content.


Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) is a freemium model (free OTT monetization model). AVOD model earns through advertisement by indulging time and internet of the viewers. A variety of advertisements, sponsored content, as well as commercials with free content, is opting for the AVOD model.

Success Story

projector icon

A well-established cinema company in Singapore decided to go digital for the first time with their VOD content having a huge audience in a pandemic situation. Like all the business entities struggling to revive their businesses, team projector was also looking for an optimal white-label VOD solution to stream their content online and keep their services going.

Their problem was to reach their audience digitally in these hard times when due to lockdown people were restricted to their homes only. Vodlix’s positive word of mouth through existing satisfied clients became a source of interaction between two companies (Vodlix and Projector). The collaboration between both companies initiated towards the long-term value proposition and goal-oriented partnership.

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