Immerse VR (Virtual Reality) /XR
(Extended Reality) Experience

We are offering the best Virtual Reality and Extended Reality experience for any content on any device. Our VR experts create applications that expedite the invention of reality.


Optimal VR Experience

Vodlix offers a unified experience with developer-friendly integration and best-in-class encoding tools. Ensuring the easiest way to showcase and publish your VR and regular
Videos on any Device with any coding requirement.

Vodlix supports up to 16k VR Video resolution and simulates an experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Our goal is to give our users an immersive experience of being in another world.

video player

360-degree video player with
robust features and a
sophisticated flair


Spatial audio for theater-like sound
with dynamic head tracking

Split view VR

Cardboard/Split view VR
experience for a feel like a 3D