The Projector Plus - a leading cinema house in Singapore

A well-established cinema company in Singapore decided to go digital for the first time with their VOD content having a huge audience in a pandemic situation. Like all the business entities struggling to revive their businesses, team projector was also looking for an optimal white label VOD solution to stream their content online and keep their services going.

OTT VOD platform

Connecting with Client through Non-traditional Medium

Their problem was to reach their audience digitally in these hard times when due to lockdown people were restricted to their homes only.
Vodlix’s positive word of mouth through existing satisfied clients became a source of interaction between two companies (Vodlix and Projector). The collaboration between both companies initiated towards the long-term value proposition and goal-oriented partnership.

A Way To Growth For Projector

As per our standards to identify the requirements and specific needs of clients, we analyzed the whole scenario and proposed the best possible solution according to the needs of our valuable client. As they were concerned to retain their market shares in the broadcasting industry.

We gathered information from their team through several meetings and crafted our solution according to their needs. They claimed that our solution helped them to support their business plan effectively and efficiently. They have regained and retained their customers after the successful implementation of the OTT VOD platform. Their business has grown than before. It was surely a worth spending platform, they stated
OTT VOD platform

Key Features For Digital Assets

  • Multi DRM integration for the purpose of data/content protection
  • Supporting TVOD + AVOD business models just like cinema
  • Offer bundle deals for transaction-based content with different prices
  • for different bundles of movies.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming to compensate the video quality according
  • to the bandwidth speed


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