Video Library

You can now build your own content library and operate it through Vodlix CMS. This comes with a variety of features including uploading subtitles, multi-format content, transcoding, etc.

Adding Content in milliseconds!

Users can upload all kinds of audio/video files with a sizable composition in their library in order to create a rich library. This, later on, can be published in seconds.

Multiple Formats

Worried about your file formats? You need not to. Vodlix supports all kinds of formats for your audio/video content uploaded in your library including MP4, AVI, DivX. ProRes, ASF, etc. or Ogg formats for audio content. 


Vodlix  auto-transcoding feature allows your audio/files to be transcoded automatically during the upload without making you wait for a single minute or transcoding every file individually. Just upload the content and leave the rest to us.

Library Management

This feature allows you to arrange content in your library in a neat order where you can easily access your desired content through filter, sort and search options.


In order to manage viewers from all language backgrounds, Vodlix gives you the facility to add subtitles to your video content and each subtitled file can be named differently.

Animated Thumbnails

With Vodlix, you can add cool animated thumbnails which consist of frames from each video to give your viewers an insight of a particular content. These thumbnails are a great way to attract your users into watching your content

Access to Properties

With Vodlix CMS, you can have access to all file properties of your content in the library including length, frame size, frame rate, resolution, format, etc. It also gives you access to reports and content details uploaded on your platform.

Uploading Made Simple

Tired of waiting for your content to upload? Not anymore. Vodlix gives the simplest interface to upload your audio/video content even if it’s in bulk. Its unique technology gives you error-free uploading of your content without putting much effort.