Top Features that can Secure Video Streaming Platform in 2021

Video Streaming Platforms

Video Streaming platforms are growing rapidly. With the growing business of OTT/ VOD platforms, content is more exposed to security risks. Cybercrime is also increasing including the increase in piracy, hacking, and other digital attacks. Hence, broadcasters are very worried about securing their video content and looking for a solution that offers maximum features to secure their online content. The following features give security to the video content: 

  • Password Protection
  • Private Video Feature
  • Geographic and Domain Restriction
  • HTTPS Video Delivery
  • HLS Video Encryption
  • System Monitoring

Password Protection

One of the basic protections and security for your video is password protected. With password protection, you can block your video content to view. Therefore, you need to ensure the privacy of the password thus your stream will be secured too. This method has been used and adopted widely among small businesses and organizations. 

Private Video Feature

With private and unlisted video features you can hide your valuable content from the search. Only people who have a URL can access the video. You can share the URL of the video or playlist via email with your customers. Also, people who subscribe to your channel/platform can access it. As a random person cannot access your content, therefore, the content is safe from digital hacks. 

Geographic and Domain Restrictions

To protect your online video, there are two types of restrictions. One is domain restriction and the other one is geographic restriction. With domain restriction, as the name implies, restricts the domains on which your stream is playable. The content will only be played to the authorized domain and running, embedding your video on another website will fail. Moreover, if anyone attempts to steal your embed code will be stymied, providing an additional layer of protection.

Whereas in geographic restriction you use IP addresses to whitelist certain countries and the website can be accessed in those countries only. Anybody outside the set countries will not be able to watch the content. These methods have high accuracy and security measure for your online video content. With Vodlix you can effortlessly restrict the audience for your content to certain countries and regions.

However, Vodlix also enables you to choose where users can watch your content. You can also restrict certain assets to web, particular mobile devices, set-top boxes. Furthermore, you can take control over how users access your service by imposing device limits and account restrictions.