Vodlix Vs ClipBucket


ClipBucket is an Enterprise video sharing solution. ClipBucket is an opensource platform and can be used to develop all sort of video streaming platforms.

Vodlix is a complete OTT solution developed dedicatedly for SVOD and TVOD (PPV) platforms. It is not just a generic video streaming solution but developed by keeping in mind the requirements of Media houses and content creators.


ClipBucket’s basic version is opensource which makes it vulnerable, ClipBucket doesn’t offer multiple profiles in an account and it doesn’t offer parental control to restrict content on profiles based on the age group. In contrast, Vodlix offers you to create multiple profiles and restrict content based on age.

  • Features

  • White Labelled CMS
  • Custom Video Player
  • Video Encoding
  • Adoptive bitrate Streaming
  • SVOD support
  • PPV (TVOD) Support
  • AVOD Support
  • Local Payment Gateways Option
  • Multi Lingual UI
  • Multi Currency
  • Same Day deployment
  • Custom Design Option
  • Custom faetures Option
  • Movies Manager
  • Series Manager
  • API
  • Cast & Director Management
  • DRM Inetgration option
  • Reports and Stats
  • Support for Any Video Format and File Size
  • 2K, 4K formats Support
  • Dynamic Home Page
  • Parental Control
  • Geo Zoning
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Watchlist
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Easily Scaleable
  • Watch History
  • Browse by Actors
  • Browse by Director
  • Related Movies
  • Technical Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Vodlix

  • ClipBucket


ClipBucket is one of the finest video streaming and Enterprise video solution. It is best suited for UGC websites and corporate video platforms. Due to its opensource development model, it is very restrictive in terms of usage as a dedicated SVOD, PPV solution. Vodlix offers better services, more features, better user experience, and an easily scalable solution.

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