Vouchers are a good way to encourage customer loyalty towards your streaming service. On Vodlix , you can create new vouchers and configure voucher attributes such as terms of usage, user restrictions, etc. As the platform owner, you will have the option to enable or disable usage of vouchers, and your users will be able to use vouchers as a monetization option, accordingly.

Vouchers can be used by your users to purchase content, plans or products on your website. Creating and enabling a voucher does not require a payment gateway and you can create as many vouchers as you want.

Manage Vouchers

Everything is fairly simple on Vodlix . Create vouchers instantly on your platform and add it as a payment option for your users to avail. Map vouchers with individual titles or with content categories, or with the entire library and configure usage terms.

Subscription Through Voucher

Send the good vibes to your users using Vodlix Subscription through the Voucher feature. Now let your users subscribe to your channel without having to give their credit card details or making any payment. Capable of being used for both subscription plan and content viewing, now au revoir the credit card hassle for a swifter subscribing process inciting customer loyalty at one go!

Configure Usage Terms

Assign different usage terms to different coupons. Create coupons that can be used multiple times in a given duration or subscription cycle; or configure coupons for one time usage only. This will give you a variety of options to strategize towards your targets.

Voucher-Specific Content

While configuring vouchers you can decide what content should be made available on voucher purchases. For example, it would not be a good idea to allow voucher redeem for premium or exclusive titles, or for latest content. But you may choose to offer regular content via vouchers.