How to Optimize OTT/VOD Platforms in 2023

This article provides insights and strategies for optimizing OTT/VOD platforms, including improving content curation, enhancing the user experience, and increasing engagement and retention.

By Keira Manifold

December 6th, 2022

Vodlix Optimize OTT/VOD Platform

VOD or Video on Demand is a technology that permits creators and users to watch the content in their own way. They can watch what they want when they want instead of following a traditional broadcasting schedule. VOD platforms are allowing users and creators to bypass the traditional methods of distributing and watching video content. 

 However, Pay-Per-View (PPV) is precisely a cable-based VOD that doesn’t allow content creators access or the opportunity to benefit. That’s the main reason for the continuing evolution of VOD.

How VOD is different from OTT?

Over-the-top (OTT) media platforms are streaming services that deliver content over the internet. They are merging television and digital video to build a singular, revolving content stream. They are getting popular because of the easy access that includes an internet connection and an app on an accompanying device.

OTT also bypasses the traditional delivery of content but doesn’t include on-demand video content. With the swift obsolescence of cable-based VOD, the hybridization of VOD and OTT is continuing to grow and narrowing down their difference. Industry giants including Netflix and YouTube are the greatest example of this hybridization as they both deliver their content Over the Top and On Demand.

You can have skyrocket success with these four essential strategies that can optimize your VOD/OTT platforms:

1. Take control over your Monetization

The best opportunity VOD/OTT platforms provide to content creators is to monetize their channels. Your content needs to be monetized focused and driven. 

Though there are many platforms that are offering monetization the truth is they are taking a major share of the revenue therefore you need to explore the kind of options that the big players are working with which include sponsorships, syndicating, subscriptions, crowdfunding, and much more. 

With the right focus on making revenue, you can ultimately work on your goal of producing more content and you will be investing in the right direction and all the efforts are worth it.

2. Tackle your Video Syndication

Syndication is an essential part of your overall strategy. As it is one of the best ways to get your content out there. Anyway, if you are selling or licensing your material to a channel or broadcast that will ultimately give a reach means more eyes on your content which is always profitable in all aspects.

However, if you are syndicating your content to a third party you still need to maintain YOUR brand and YOUR standards by managing the customer experience.

3. Offers a Personalized Experience

Let’s talk about Netflix here as it is reaching approximately 150 million subscribers which is a huge following. Though they are providing amazing and incredible content, we can’t deny the flawless experience they are offering to their customers. Their ultimate white glove delivery is one of the main reasons that they are leading the industry. 

Being a serious content creator, imitating this experience is a must for their customer because if you are not offering a powerful experience, you won’t be able to build your audience. Hence, if you want your audience to commit to your brand, you need to provide an exclusive experience that speaks directly to your viewers and your content specialties.

4. Stream on Multiple Platforms through Distribution Strategy

Creating content is one thing but promoting it on every available platform is a complete game-changer. And the best easiest way to share your content across all the available platforms is through automation and streamlining the process. 

Distribution should be done with a single button whether it’s your own custom platform, a social platform, or even your own personalized app, and this can be done too, and you can’t Waste time uploading videos individually to each platform. 

VOD/OTT Services empower Creators by offering the ability to use a Multi-Channel Network (MCN). It allows you to manage and aggregate content across multiple channels while still remaining under a single, overarching platform for easy and streamlined governance.

So, as you are well aware now of what to consider, the best solution that can manage your syndication, monetization, and video distribution strategies is the Vodlix Platform. It assures optimization to content creators, networks, and brands to engage and scale their business. Thus, if you’re interested in making the most out of your content and your time by considering a platform that can manage the main pillars of a successful video content strategy, let’s talk with the professional at Vodlix who will help you build your community, make the revenue you deserve, and give your creativity the platform it needs to change the world.