Vodlix Features

List of all prominent and Beautiful features of Vodlix


VR & XR streaming for an immersive viewing experience. Bring virtual and augmented reality content to your audience with our cutting-edge streaming technology.

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Multilingual support for your website. Reach a global audience by offering content in multiple languages with our easy to use translation tools.

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Mobile Apps

Expand your reach by allowing your customers to access your content through your white label Vodlix Apps on iOS and Android Platform

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Front-End Website

Front-end VOD OTT website for seamless streaming. Customizable and user-friendly interface to easily access and enjoy your content.

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White Label TV Apps

Publish your content with our White label TV Apps. Make an impression by giving your users seamless viewing experience on your TV Devices.

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Language manager

Easily manage multiple languages for website/app with intuitive language manager. Quickly switch & customize content for each language.

Subtitles & Captions

Subtitles & captions to reach a wider audience. Make your videos accessible to a global audience by adding subtitles and captions with ease.

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OTT Monetization Models

Maximize revenue with flexible options like subscription, transaction, and advertising-based models.

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TMDB Integration

Vodlix TMDB Integration - Fastest way to find third party Data!

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Backend CMS

User-friendly administration panel with full control. Easily manage your website and content with our intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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VOD Features

VOD (Video on Demand) for easy access to streaming content. Provide your audience with a seamless viewing experience and flexible access to your videos.

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Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics for video, audience, & revenue sharing. Track performance, gain insights, and optimize your video streaming business with our analytics tools.

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Stream Live Video Online

Experience high-performance live video streaming. Our top-tier CDNs ensure smooth, real-time analytics, and 24/7 support for your streaming needs.

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Metadata Management

Powerful metadata management system to easily manage & organize digital assets. Quickly search, filter & sort files to find what you need.

Portrait & Landscape thumbs

Upload images & switch orientation with one click. Preview content in both orientations.

Pages Management

Easily manage website pages with intuitive page editor. Quickly add, edit, delete pages. Customize titles, URLs, content.

Android App

Get Vodlix power in your hand with our Android app. Easily manage your account on the go.

Partner Manager

Partner Manager helps you manage relationships with partners, track progress, set goals, and collaborate for success.

Profile Selection

Quickly find the perfect profile for your needs with minimal effort. Easily filter through options to get the best results.

Rental & Purchases Manager

Easily manage rental & purchase orders, track orders, view invoices, & get notifications when orders ship. Streamline business operations with our user-friendly platform.

Restful API

Get powerful, secure, restful API to quickly integrate, automate processes, and streamline workflows.

Restrict Signup

Limit signup access w/ customizable criteria. Easily manage who can join. Keep platform safe & secure.

Roku App

Stream shows & movies on the go with the Roku App. Enjoy seamless viewing with no buffering or lagging.

Sales Dashboard

Track sales performance in real-time with interactive dashboard. Analyze trends, monitor key metrics, and make informed decisions to drive growth.

Samsung Tizen

Get the best of your Samsung Tizen device with our easy-to-use app. Enjoy personalized content, intuitive navigation & more.

Signup & Sign in

Sign up & sign in with a few clicks. Enjoy secure & convenient access to your account.

Space & Bandwidth Details

Monitor & optimize your space & bandwidth usage for maximum efficiency. Get detailed insights to ensure you're getting the most out of your resources.

Templates Manager

Easily customize templates for projects. Quickly switch between designs & layouts to find the perfect fit.

Thumbnail Preview

Preview content thumbnails. Quickly select the perfect image.


Schedule content automatically for max reach & engagement. Set & forget!

Trick Play - Thumbnail on seek

Get a sneak peek of your videos with thumbnail previews on seek. Quickly scan & find the one you need.

LG webOS

LG webOS: Powerful, intuitive platform for managing & controlling digital content. Simple, user-friendly interface for quick access to favorite content.

tvOS - Apply TV App

Stream shows & movies on the go with our tvOS app. Enjoy seamless viewing & high-quality video.

User Management

Manage users quickly and securely with our user-friendly UI. Add, delete, and modify user roles and permissions with ease.

Video Encoding Settings

Quickly customize video encoding settings for optimal viewing experience. Adjust bitrate, resolution, and more for perfect output.


IPTV streams live TV, movies, sports, news & more. Vodlix IPTV also offers on-demand content.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate 3rd party apps to automate processes and save time.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Enjoy smooth streaming with our Adaptive Bitrate Streaming tech. Automatically adjusts to your connection speed for the best viewing experience.

Add to list

Manage contacts quickly and easily with our intuitive list-building tool. Add, edit, and delete contacts with ease. Keep lists organized and up-to-date.


Ad management system for video monetization. Easily monetize your streaming service with flexible ad options and video ad management tools.

Android TV App

Stream shows & movies on the go with our Android TV App. Enjoy seamless viewing with no buffering or lag.

Apps Management

Manage apps quickly and securely with automated updates.

Artists Manager

Artist management for linking content, roles and artist details in one place.

Automated App Deployment

Automate app deployment with our platform. Quickly & securely deploy to any env. with a few clicks.

Automated Billing

Automate billing w/ secure, reliable, easy-to-use system. Streamline payments & save time w/ automated billing solution.

Autoplay Next

One click auto-plays next video in queue - no manual search needed!

AWS Support

Get 24/7 AWS Support to troubleshoot, optimize & scale your cloud infrastructure.

Billing Management

Automate billing with our intuitive dashboard. Generate invoices, track payments, and get notifications when payments are made. Streamline your billing process now!


Customize your platform with your own logo, colors, and fonts to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression.

Built-in Ticket Support

Our ticket support system helps you quickly and easily resolve customer inquiries with an intuitive interface.

CAS & User control manager

Manage user access & control with our CAS system. Create roles, set permissions, & monitor user activity. All in one place.

Chromecast & Airplay

Stream content from your device to your TV with ease. Enjoy Chromecast & Airplay for watching shows & movies on the big screen.

Content Bundles & Bouquets

Get tailored content bundles & bouquets from multiple sources in one place. Enjoy!

Content Lists

Create and showcase groupings of videos for easy discovery and viewing.

Content Search

Quickly find content with powerful search engine. Search by title, tags, or keywords.

Continue Watch

Enjoy uninterrupted streaming with our seamless watch-through feature. Pick up where you left off with one click and never miss a beat!

Countdown / Premiere

Schedule a countdown to your next product launch or video premiere. Build anticipation with a timer and get ready for the big reveal!

Custom / Tailor Made

Design & build a unique solution tailored to your needs. Intuitive interface makes it easy.

Custom Templates

Design custom templates with ease. Modify colors, fonts, and images to create a unique look.

Custom Themes

Customizable themes to personalize your website's look and feel. Create a unique design that reflects your brand with our custom theme options.

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Customizable Video Player

Customizable video player with adjustable look and feel, and control over features for viewers.

Device Management System

Easily manage & monitor devices from one central location. Automate tasks, get real-time alerts & gain insights into device performance.

Discounts System

Save money on purchases with exclusive discounts and offers on your favorite products and services.


Securely protect digital content with advanced DRM tech. Easily manage & control access with customizable settings.

Dynamic Menu

Customize menu options quickly and easily with our dynamic menu feature.

Editor's Pick

Editor's pick for curated content. Highlight and feature hand-picked videos for users to discover and enjoy.


Automatically generate an EPG for your TV channel. Easily manage and customize your TV schedule with our intuitive interface. Keep viewers informed and up-to-date.

FTP Uploader

Securely upload large files quickly and easily with our FTP Uploader. Fast and reliable transfers of any size.

Gateway Level Packages

Get tailored packages for your business needs. From basic to advanced, find the perfect fit on one platform.

Gifts & Vouchers

Give your customers the perfect gift! Easily send vouchers redeemable for products/services. Make them feel special with personalized gifts!

HLS & Mpeg Dash

Streamline video delivery with HLS & Mpeg Dash streaming. Enjoy fast, reliable streaming with no buffering or lag. Get the most out of your video content.

Home page content

Create a stunning website with our intuitive drag-and-drop home page editor. Add images, videos, and text with ease.

iOS App

Get the power of Vodlix in the palm of your hand. Manage data, track progress, stay connected with our iOS app.

Like & Dislike Video

Engage viewers with likes/dislikes and get instant feedback on what resonates.


Stream live TV from anywhere with no buffering or lag. Enjoy crystal clear HD quality for the best viewing experience.

Modern UI/UX

Modern UI/UX makes navigating our platform easy, quickly finding features & getting the most out of your experience.

Movies Management

Manage your movie library with ease. Quickly search, sort, and filter. Track titles, genres, and ratings. Enjoy convenience of having movies at your fingertips.

Movies / Videos Listing

Explore the world of movies and videos with our extensive library. Stream directly to your device for convenience.

Multicast Support

Easily multicast content & streamline workflow with our powerful platform.

Multilingual Content

Publish content in multiple languages with our intuitive platform. Streamline workflow and reach global audience.

Multiple Audio

Easily upload & manage multiple audio files. Streamline workflow with intuitive audio management system.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateway options for easy transactions. Accept payments from multiple sources with our integrated payment gateway options.


nDVR: Record & store shows & movies to watch on your own schedule. Never miss a show again!

Orders Manager

Manage orders with intuitive dashboard. View details, update statuses, track shipments. Get real-time notifications. Streamline order management process.

Package Content Explorer

Package Content Explorer for customers to view package details before purchasing.

Packages & Subscriptions

Get the most out of your services with our packages & subscriptions. Automated billing & secure payments make it easy to manage.


PPV/TVOD management system for flexible monetization. Easily monetize your content with pay-per-view and transactional video on demand options.


Pre-order the latest products and get exclusive discounts. Be the first to get your hands on the newest releases.

Quality Limiter

Quality Limiter ensures content meets highest standards, automatically checks for errors & adjusts quality to meet your needs.

Series Listing

Manage and track series with intuitive listing feature. Quickly add, edit, delete series. Keep organized and up-to-date.

Series Management

Manage and organize series content with our intuitive dashboard. Quickly add, edit, delete episodes and customize settings.

Subscribers Manager

Manage subscribers easily with our intuitive dashboard. Quickly add, remove, and update info with clicks. Keep list organized and up-to-date.

Subscriptions System (SVOD)

Manage subscription options for VOD and OTT, SVOD with flexible and customizable options.

Themes & Colors Changing

Customize your platform with our range of themes & colors. Make it unique & stand out with our variety of options.

Top 10 Content

Create top 10 lists for easy content discovery. Organize and showcase your top videos or series for users to find and enjoy with ease.

Trailers Management

Easily manage your trailers with our intuitive dashboard. Quickly upload, edit, delete trailers with a few clicks. Keep organized & up-to-date.

Trial Management

Allow users to try subscriptions before committing with customizable trial periods.

Upgrade / Downgrade

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan to get the features you need, when you need them. No hassle.

Video Uploading & Transcoding

Automatically transcode videos for optimal playback on any device. Streamline your video workflow with our platform.

Watch History

Track shows & movies with Watch History. Easily find what you've watched & pick up where you left off.

Welcome Landing Page

Create stunning welcome pages with our easy-to-use page builder. Customize with templates & themes. Get customers excited about your product/service!

YouTube Embed

Easily embed YouTube videos into your website with no coding required. Quickly share your favorite videos with visitors.

Geo Fencing

Restrict access to content by location using Geo-fencing. Limit access to specific regions or countries.

Global CDN

Global CDN with 40+ locations for faster content delivery. Optimize your website loading speed and reduce latency for global audience.

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White label OTT

White-labeled streaming platform for brand representation. Create a unique and professional look for your streaming service with our customizable solutions.

Payment gateway integrations

Payment gateway integrations for easy transactions. Accept payments from multiple sources with our integrated payment gateway options.

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Customized Plugins

Customized plugins to enhance website functionality. Tailor your site to fit your specific needs with our flexible plugin options.

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