Front-End Website

Pre-Configured Responsive Website With 100+ Features!

Vodlix's OTT platform includes a user-friendly front-end website with features such as a modern layout, Customisable, and full responsiveness, enhancing the user experience and providing easy access to favorite content.

Vodlix Frontend website

Vodlix offers an instant ready OTT platform that is fully-featured and designed to meet the needs of any business looking to launch their own streaming service. The platform comes with a robust front-end website, designed with a modern and visually appealing layout, making it easy for users to navigate and find the content they are looking for.

The website offers a comprehensive search function, allowing users to quickly find their favorite movies and TV shows, as well as a feature-rich user account area, where users can manage their subscription, view their watch history, and more.

Additionally, the website is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. With its user-friendly interface and range of features, the front-end website is an essential component of the OTT platform, providing users with an engaging and convenient way to access their favorite content. The platform also provides an Android TV app, making it easy to stream content on the big screen, and supports both Android TV by Google and Android for Open Source. Overall, Vodlix's instant ready OTT platform with a fully-featured front-end website provides businesses with everything they need to launch their own successful streaming service.

Responsive Design

Vodlix ensures your website is adjustable for viewers on different screens such as Mobiles, Smart TVs, Tabs, or any device that has an HTML5 browser can access the website for a seamless experience.

Vodlix OTT Desktop & Android Mobile App
Vodlix OTT Desktop App

Your Own Brand Recognition

You can now install your website with your desired domain name. With Vodlix launch Video Streaming services whilst being in charge of your brand and you may run the app as you would wish to.

Custom Design

Customize a design that best suits your App. Vodlix understands the importance of its clients preferences therefore we are providing you options in designed templates and customized options. You can now select and adjust colors according to your requirements plus you can also highlight the sections which you want your viewers to see first by labeling them as featured and trending.

Vodlix Custom Design

A Complete White Label Solution

The best thing is we need only few minutes to make your platform go Live!

Vodlix launches for you a website that is completely White-labelled which means Vodlix will not be mentioned or shown in any aspect there will be no mention of Vodlix anywhere. You will be able to own your traffic that is driven to the website without involvement of a third party. Also you get the chance of making your own recognition in the market.