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What is Vodlix?
Vodlix is a white-labeled video streaming and OTT platform that offers high-quality video streaming and the best cloud-OTT solution for IPTV and VOD needs.
What are the benefits of using Vodlix?
Vodlix offers instant launch, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, an all-inclusive platform with zero code setup, and a purpose-built OTT solution with customizable features.
How can Vodlix help with website customization?
Vodlix provides customizable themes and templates that can be edited with our easy-to-use visual editor. You can create a fully customizable and branded experience without any coding knowledge. Our themes are designed to give your platform a polished look on any device.
Is there a free trial available for Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix offers a free trial to help you get a feel for how platforms work in a better way.
What monetization models does Vodlix support?
Vodlix offers a range of monetization models, including Advertising-Supported (AVOD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), and Hybrid models.
How can i get started with Vodlix?
To get started with Vodlix, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Vodlix website and sign up for an account.
2. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and requirements.
3. Start customizing your platform with the help of Vodlix's themes, templates, and plugins.
4. Utilize the live editor to preview your changes in real-time.
5. Use the visual editor to fully customize your platform without any coding.
6. Get started with monetizing your content through different monetization models.
7. Launch your platform and start attracting your target audience.

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact Vodlix's support team.
How is Bandwidth Calculated?
Bandwidth cost is generally calculated on the total file size of a video being played back. An average HD 1 Hour movie will consume a bandwidth of about 1024 mb.
What does the cloud pricing plans include?
Our plan pricing includes the website, preset templates that you can customise with your color options, storage, hosting on the cloud, Bandwidth and Security.
Do you provide Mobile & TV Apps?
Yes we offer white labeled Mobile and TV Apps, Vodlix will build, and deploy these on respective app stores under your name. Please check our Cloud pricing table for more info on additional costing for Mobile / TV Apps. For Self Hosted plan, contact our sales team with your requirements to get a quotation.
Do I have to pay extra for Technical Support and Maintenance?
No, all Cloud plans Tech Support, Product updates and regular Maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about anything once you launch. For Self Hosted Plans : Technical support and updates are free for the first 3 months, for further support plans contact our sales team.
Do you offer Customizations? Can we Integrate our Preferred Payment method Gateways and CDN?
Yes, we offer all kinds of customization’s in Vodlix. Any customization’s requests are chargeable separately, for which you will receive a detailed quote before any work starts and is billed to you. You can also request for a custom integration with your required Payment Gateway or CDN provider, our team will give you a detail quote for the same and integrate it upon your approval
Are there any Hidden Charges of Taxes?
All plans include details of all the charges; you will be required to pay additional fees only if you exceed the bandwidth as per our pricing table and any storage charges if applicable. Local taxes if applicable in your country / regions are to be paid by you directly to your respective tax authorities.
What Payment methods are available topurchase Cloud Plans?
Vodlix supports all leading credit and debit cards, in case you want to make payments via any alternate methods, you can speak with us and request for PayPal or Wire Transfer Details.
Does Mobile & TV App Submissions Includes Marketing Material?
No, we only setup the App with Certificates and Publishing process. You will have to upload the screenshots & Marketing Details. Or you will share them with us and we will upload.
What is Vodlix CMS?
Vodlix CMS is a user-friendly and modern content management system for videos with advanced features such as scheduling, reporting & analytics, secure live streaming, exclusive subscription management, user management, SEO management, and power pack marketing tools.
Can I set preferred timings for private and public videos?
Yes, with Vodlix, you can set preferred timings for private and public videos based on your viewer's peak time of watching those videos.
Can I schedule dates, times, and locations to broadcast videos?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to schedule dates, times, and locations for video broadcasts.
Can I categorize my content?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to make custom entity labels and categorize your content based on genres, industry, format, or other comparison factors.
Does Vodlix provide reporting and analytics tools?
Yes, Vodlix has easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into your content's performance and help you make necessary changes to target a larger audience.
Can I manage my subscribers and subscriptions with Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix provides exclusive subscription management, allowing you to manage your subscribers and their subscription packages, and offer multiple payment options with multi-currency integration.
Does Vodlix provide SEO management?
Yes, Vodlix provides the option of managing your SEO strategy to maximize results and improve the credibility of your business.
Does Vodlix provide marketing tools?
Yes, Vodlix provides power pack marketing tools to manage ads, promotions, discounts, and newsletters, making marketing for your business
What is Vodlix Multi-Language Feature?
Vodlix offers a feature that allows you to communicate with your audience in their native language, eliminating language barriers.
What is the default language in Vodlix?
English is the default language in Vodlix. However, you can change the default language according to your audience region.
Can I translate my platform into multiple languages?
Yes, you can download and export language strings in English, translate them into as many languages as you want, and import them back into Vodlix.
Does Vodlix support RTL languages like Hebrew or Arabic?
Yes, Vodlix provides RTL language support for all devices, including TV and mobile apps.
Can I translate my website or app based on geographical area?
Yes, you can translate your website or app according to geographical area to provide a localized experience for your viewers.
Does Vodlix support multi-audio for video content?
Yes, you can upload audio and video content with multiple audio tracks, allowing your viewers to watch their favorite shows in their preferred language.
Does Vodlix provide subtitles and multi-audio in multiple languages?
Yes, Vodlix's video player supports subtitles and multi-audio in multiple languages, allowing your viewers to watch their favorite content in their preferred language.
What kind of VR experience does Vodlix offer?
Vodlix offers the best Virtual Reality and Extended Reality experience for any content on any device, created by VR experts to expedite the invention of reality.
What is the maximum video resolution supported by Vodlix?
Vodlix supports up to 16k VR video resolution to provide an immersive experience.
Does Vodlix offer 360-degree video playback?
Yes, Vodlix has a 360-degree video player with robust features and a sophisticated flair.
Can Vodlix be used on different devices?
Yes, Vodlix provides a unified experience on any device, such as Google Daydream, Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift.
Can viewers enjoy the VR videos without any hassle?
Yes, Vodlix provides a real feel and excitement while watching VR videos without any hassle.
What is Vodlix CDN system?
Vodlix CDN system is a data distribution platform that efficiently delivers encoded data to users with fast and quality services.
What are the features of Vodlix CDN system?
Vodlix CDN system offers a worldwide reputation, a cloud setup in various locations, fast and reliable web and video content delivery, optimized last-mile performance, on-premises setup, fully tailored service, support for any CDN, and source code ownership.
What is the on-premises setup in Vodlix CDN system?
On-premises setup in the Vodlix CDN system allows clients to host their video streaming server locally or within their own infrastructure with all the features offered by Vodlix.
What is the third-party integration support in Vodlix CDN system?
The third-party integration support in Vodlix CDN system provides support for market-leading encoding and streaming services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services.
What is the AWS CloudFront CDN integration in Vodlix CDN system?
The AWS CloudFront CDN integration in Vodlix CDN system allows for faster delivery of data, video application services, and APIs to viewers all over the world with lower latency and high-speed transfer of encoded data.
What is Vodlix White-label OTT/IPTV Platform?
Vodlix is a next-generation white-label OTT/IPTV platform that provides you with a secured and configured platform to launch your OTT services. You can customize the interface and stream videos as per your requirements, and associate your brand through the best content provision and on-demand viewership.
What type of Business models does Vodlix support?
Vodlix supports all business models such as SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.
What kind of control do I have over my content on Vodlix?
You have complete control over the content on your platform. You can reduce the risk of content publishing or illegal actions by using 3rd party services. You can distribute your content as per your requirement and provide a safe way for your customers to access videos.
What is the maximum video quality available on Vodlix?
Vodlix allows you to endorse a quality viewership of up to 8K. You can decide the playback time, resolution, and service management at your OTT platform.
Is Vodlix secure and scalable?
Yes, Vodlix is secure, powerful, and scalable with a CDN streaming engine. You can publish your videos across the globe with our powerful encoding and streaming engine. The streaming path is optimized to the edge user, providing a pleasant experience while ensuring high quality of service (QoS).
How can I monetize my videos on Vodlix?
Vodlix provides you with easy-to-use controls to decide how you want to monetize your videos. You can setup all SVOD, AVOD or TVOD model at the same time and put a logical condition to serve.
How can I generate revenue from my platform on Vodlix?
You can generate revenue from your platform by providing top-notch video streaming services and establishing your brand. You can receive monthly or per view returns through videos on your platform.
Is Vodlix available in multiple languages?
Yes, Vodlix is fully multilingual and allows you to make your platform available in several languages. This can help increase viewership and bring a sense of inclusivity to your platform.
What is OTT Monetization Model?
OTT Monetization Model is a way of earning revenue through online video content by charging the users for specific content viewership
What is the best monetization method for my platform?
The best monetization method for your platform depends on your target audience, content offered, and your platform's business strategy.
What is the advertisement-supported monetization model (AVOD)?
AVOD is the advertisement-supported monetization model where revenue is generated through advertisements placed on the platform.
How can I generate revenue through TVOD?
You can generate revenue through TVOD by providing individual content and charging users for per video streaming content instead of the entire package.
What is Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)?
Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a monetization model where users pay a recurring fee for access to a platform's content
What is the Hybrid Model?
Hybrid Model is a combination of two or more monetization methods to increase the chances of revenue generation.
What formats does Vodlix support for subtitles?
Vodlix supports SRT and VTT captions formats. SRT is the most commonly used format and is easily customizable.
Can I add multiple subtitles in different languages?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to add multiple subtitles in different languages in just a few clicks.
Can I set default subtitles in languages other than English?
Yes, you can set default subtitles in different languages to cater to a wider audience.
How can I upload large files of subtitles to Vodlix?
Vodlix supports bulk upload of subtitles via SFTP, making it easy to upload large files without missing any text.
What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?
Subtitles are text alternatives for the dialogue in a video, while closed captions describe additional sounds and noises present in the video.
What payment gateway options are available in Vodlix?
Vodlix offers multiple integrated payment gateway options including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Rapid, CCBill, iPay88, and segpay.
Can I request a custom payment gateway integration in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix allows custom payment gateway integration as long as you have tech support and valid documents.
Is my revenue earnings protected in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix ensures secure revenue earnings with the option to choose preferred payment methods such as credit, debit, or phone portals.
Can I track my payments in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix offers an efficient system to track payments and transactions through customized dashboards.
Does Vodlix have automatic billing procedures?
Yes, Vodlix has a secured automatic system for sending subscription packages and payment details as soon as the viewer logs in.
Does Vodlix offer recurring payments?
Yes, payments are automatically billed and sent to the customers for the next service they want to avail.
Does Vodlix have a built-in coupon code engine?
Yes, Vodlix has a built-in coupon code engine that is user-friendly and allows you to generate one or many coupons within a few minutes.
Can I provide rewards and appraisals to my viewers in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to provide rewards and appraisals to your viewers through promotional and discount offers such as cash or percentage discounts.
What is a custom theme?
Custom themes are specialized and customizable templates and themes designed to enhance the user experience on a website. They are engineered to provide a polished look on any device and are designed to suit specific requirements.
What are the benefits of a custom theme?
Custom themes provide a fully customizable and branded experience without coding, giving you full control over your website's design and functionality. They also allow you to choose from a range of templates and customize them to best reflect your brand.
How does the customization process work?
The customization process can be done using a visual editor and live previewing, allowing you to see all modifications in real-time. Various aspects of the theme such as colors, logos, layouts, widgets, menus, etc. can be edited according to your choice.
What is the Themes and Template Manager?
The Themes and Template Manager is a platform where you can choose from a range of responsive templates and customize them as per your requirements. The themes can be edited on the fly with the Live Editor.
What are the benefits of using the Themes and Template Manager?
The Themes and Template Manager allows you to quickly set up and design a theme that monetizes your videos, gives you control over design, and creates a graceful look on all devices.
What is Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Vodlix Reports & Analytics is a tool that provides you with complete data related to the performance of your platform, giving you an overview of your audience’s viewing patterns and helping in easier strategy planning.
What kind of reports are available with Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Vodlix Reports & Analytics provides reports on revenue analysis, order information, top-rated content, device tracking, location metrics, and video analytics.
Can I export and save the data from Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Yes, you can export and save the data for future reference.
Can I see the daily reports on revenue with Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Yes, Vodlix Reports & Analytics provides you with daily reports on revenue, which will help you in knowing where you stand and what more needs to be done to achieve your business goals.
Can I see the most watched devices and content on my platform through Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Yes, Vodlix Reports & Analytics allows you to see which devices have been used the most to view your content and which TV Shows/movies have the top ratings.
Can I get a deeper insight on the impression, number of views, and watch time of my videos with Vodlix Reports & Analytics?
Yes, Vodlix Reports & Analytics provides you with a deeper insight on your videos, watch time, and views, giving you complete data on every detail of your concern.
Does Vodlix offer white-labeled platforms?
Yes, Vodlix offers end-to-end cloud-based white-labeled platforms loaded with advanced technology, allowing you to easily manage your market.
What is live video streaming?
Live video streaming is the real-time transmission of video content over the internet, allowing viewers to watch and interact with the content as it happens.
Why is live video streaming important for businesses and content creators?
Live streaming offers a direct and engaging way to connect with audiences, promote products, share events, and build brand awareness.
What equipment and software do I need for live video streaming?
You'll need a camera, microphone, encoder software, and a stable internet connection. There are various hardware and software options available.
How can I ensure high-quality live video streaming?
To ensure quality, invest in good equipment, optimize your internet connection, and choose a reliable live streaming platform.
What are the best practices for live video content creation?
Plan your content, engage with your audience, use clear audio, and have proper lighting. Consistency is also key.
Can I monetize my live video streams?
Yes, you can monetize live streams through ads, subscriptions, pay-per-views, and sponsorship.
Are there any legal considerations for live video streaming?
Yes, consider copyright issues, privacy laws, and any necessary permits for streaming in certain locations.
Which platforms are popular for live video streaming?
Platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and professional streaming platforms like Vodlix are popular choices.
What is the future of live video streaming?
The future holds exciting possibilities for live streaming, including improved interactivity, augmented reality features, and 4K/8K streaming.
How can Vodlix help with live video streaming?
Vodlix offers a comprehensive live streaming platform with customizable features, monetization options, and dedicated support to enhance your live streaming experience.
What is TMDB Integration?
TMDB Integration is the integration of The Movie Database (TMDB) into Vodlix. It provides easy access to a user-editable database of TV shows and movies, and helps to make the content creation process smoother.
What kind of data is available through TMDB Integration?
TMDB Integration provides access to complete data of TV shows and movies, including details such as actors, year of production, trailers, and more.
Does TMDB Integration automatically sync data?
Yes, TMDB Integration automatically syncs all the necessary information to your platform, saving you time and effort.
Is TMDB Integration free to use?
Yes, TMDB Integration is free to use with the TMDB attribute. This means you can access a library of information and a database on thousands of movies and TV shows for free.

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