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Stream Your Vision to the World with Vodlix

Vodlix is built on top of ClipBucket, which was an open-source Video Streaming software that was first launched in 2007.

Team behind Vodlix is the same, we are experienced and helped launched over 20000+ Video streaming platforms across the globe in all fields.

When demand for the OTT was going high after 2016, we divided to develop Vodlix. Our First version was launched in 2017 and later when Higher management was changed and Arslan Hassan joined back, Vodlix is now re-launched in 2022.

Vodlix is now a fully SAAS-based OTT platform but it does not stop here. we also deploy it on-premises which makes us one the most distinct OTT providers in whole industry.

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Why we started Vodlix?

We have been in this field for over 15+ years and have dealt with all challenges that a video streaming or an OTT platform needs.
From Extensive Network that is spread across 40 locations, Mobile and TV apps on over 12 devices.
Monetization Models to generate revenue, Data Analytics to make a business decision, we have been through all.
Therefore, we decided to bring our customers an Instantly available, with zero CAPEX cost, a go-to-market software to launch their OTT platform.
Thankfully, we have it today and 100’s of happy customers.


What keeps us moving?

We want to be #1 in this field and nothing less matters.
Just like people who have e-commerce stores, they wanted to go online and start selling their products, Shopify solved their problem.
We are the Shopify of OTT Field. Enable our clients to reach their maximum potential.
Each of our clients is our pride, we want to see them succeed. There is no greater success factor other than seeing an OTT Company, going global using Our Service, Using Vodlix. That’s what we want.