Global CDN

Scalable and Secure Global CDN Integration

Vodlix CDN system efficiently distributes encoded data to users within range. It is programmed to favor potential clients’ interests and provide fast services, offering quality content.

Vodlix Global CDN

Diversified and exceptionally built service networks of Vodlix are competitive and cater to one of the largest CDN networking spaces to decrease the chances of latency period and loss of transcoded data.

Global Scale and Reach

Vodlix has a worldwide reputation for providing up-scale services in terms of a leading CDN system. With a detailed cloud setup in various places, Vodlix is able to connect to undervalued regions and provide seamless encoded data services. This upgraded service platform allows the clients to launch audio streaming platforms to facilitate live audio broadcasting and music streaming media.

Vodlix CDN System
Vodlix Web and Video Content Delivery

Fast, Reliable Web and Video Content Delivery

The model helps deploy video streaming, OTT, VOD, media services, and SVOD (subscription-based video on demand) spaces according to the buyer’s likeability. Furthermore, Vodlix holds accountability for the provision of a safe partner portal, restricts access to certain areas of the services when multiple users are logged in at the same time, and has a built-in DRM for reducing the risk of theft.

Optimized for Last-Mile Performance

Similarly, Vodlix as an OTT service provider, delivers cloud hostings, which are equally encoded with data to assist a high-end experience. The several scattered CDN servers are able to locate the clients’ location and guarantee quick access.

Vodlix Cloud Hosting

On-premises Setup

Take charge of your platform. We also deploy complete OTT solution on your servers.

Fully Tailored
Fully Tailored

You can host your own video streaming server locally or within your own infrastructure along with all the functions and features offered by Vodlix.


By integrating your choice of CDN, you can impeccably deliver your content to your users across the globe.

Source Code
Source Code

Complete access & ownership of source code, under EULA &agreement. T&C applied.

Self-hosted license is for lifetime and valid for one domain or a subdomain with one off payment. Host your content on your own server with self-hosted plans and get a perpetual license.

Faster Connecting Deployment Models

Relatively secure and unobstructed connectivity. Easy set-up models. Vodlix offers premium connectivity with the provision of services and streaming facilities. You can either go live in seconds or choose to design your setup with the platform

Responsive Cloud Setup

Utilizing the powerful service of encoding and decoding information, a streaming model is
designed in no time. The setup features a CDN facility, which promises a buffer-free and relatively quick response rate. The bandwidth quality is fairly better Than most of our competitors.

Vodlix Responsive Cloud Setup
Vodlix Encoding

Explicitly Designed On-Premises Models

The data provided through the on-premises models is in control, and the security is thoroughly in your hands. You can devise methods to keep your information secured and offer a streaming facility to your viewers at the same time. The structure uses an in-house approach to deploy the encoding And decoding system and logs in the cost of power, hardware, and other consumptions.

A Secure Scalability

Vodlix provides an option of unlimited scalability whenever potential clients’ are in need. The platform is able to advance with the provision of extra resources and services catering to a large number of users at a single time. Similarly, the number of viewers is increased if the video streaming sites have growing viewers on a regular basis. Our strategies are always there to bring ease and faster facilities to the customers.

Vodlix Secure Scalability

Third-Party Integration Support

Vodlix has a wide range and word of supporting market-leading encoding and streaming services, such as AWS, azure, and google cloud services. In no time, our services will help you in deploying your streaming platform. Through these cloud hosting techniques, your video streaming platform can deliver the best services no matter how many viewers you’re hosting.

Vodlix Third-Party Integration
Promised security
Promised security

Vodlix, as a leading platform, is extensively keen on a proper stream and connection of secure encoded data. It features a local payment gateway option and an established DRM, and a powerful encryption system to keep every single bit of data secure. The infrastructure has a robust and protective approach in keeping the users’ information safe.

Increased responsiveness
Increased responsiveness

The cloud facilities are aimlessly working every hour of the day. Vodlix as a whole makes sure to utilize these CDN cloud services and deliver on-time and accurate streaming services. No matter how much encoded information needs to be transcoded, there is always a guarantee of the highest uptime delivery without disruption.

Constant management
Constant management

You will receive a fully managed infrastructure, including cloud based servers, backup, encoding servers, a data system, a firewall, and a CDN. We handle everything so you don't have to worry about anything and can concentrate on your business.

AWS CloudFront CDN

Vodlix is fully integrated with amazon web services and forms a faster connection to deliver data, video application services, and APIs to viewers all over the world. This in return provides lower latency packages and high-speed transfer of encoded data, all within a safer environment.

AWS CloudFront CDN
Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN

When developing or handling websites or mobile apps, or encoding and delivering streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates, or iot endpoints, azure content delivery network (CDN) allows you to reduce load times, save bandwidth, and increase responsiveness. Vodlix caters to a high-functioning azure CDN provision to further increase the efficiency of the transcoded data.

Google Cloud CDN

Google cloud as a low-latency content delivery platform serves quite efficiently for sending and receiving data, to and fro without interruption. Vodlix as a platform to provide services for developing streaming applications or web applications fully supports the use of google cloud CDN. It has a worldwide accelerated and content premium delivery network

Google Cloud CDN

Frequently asked questions

What is Vodlix CDN system?
Vodlix CDN system is a data distribution platform that efficiently delivers encoded data to users with fast and quality services.
What are the features of Vodlix CDN system?
Vodlix CDN system offers a worldwide reputation, a cloud setup in various locations, fast and reliable web and video content delivery, optimized last-mile performance, on-premises setup, fully tailored service, support for any CDN, and source code ownership.
What is the on-premises setup in Vodlix CDN system?
On-premises setup in the Vodlix CDN system allows clients to host their video streaming server locally or within their own infrastructure with all the features offered by Vodlix.
What is the third-party integration support in Vodlix CDN system?
The third-party integration support in Vodlix CDN system provides support for market-leading encoding and streaming services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services.
What is the AWS CloudFront CDN integration in Vodlix CDN system?
The AWS CloudFront CDN integration in Vodlix CDN system allows for faster delivery of data, video application services, and APIs to viewers all over the world with lower latency and high-speed transfer of encoded data.