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Vodlix loves to help its customers in every way possible. Hence, it comes with different modes of communication with its customers including Live Chat, Emails, Ticketing Systems, and Help Articles.

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Team Vodlix has prepared a step by step user manual to provide easy understanding of our admin area. In the user guide, we have explained all modules and each task with minor details to provide our users a user friendly interface to our system.

A link to our user guide is mentioned here:


Support Tickets & Email Support

Ticket submission is the primary source of support at our end because our support team representatives check the tickets continuously and respond with the required actions according to the nature of the issue.
You can open your client area and submit a ticket there. The link to our client area is listed here:


Once the ticket is submitted, our support team will review the issue and forward it to the tech team to fix the issue for the client. On tech team feedback, the support team actively communicates with clients to keep them updated about the proceedings of the technical team.

Note : Your Client Login Details will be provided by your Account Manger

Send Mail To Support Department Head:

In case your support ticket is not being responded to due to any reason, you can directly send an email to our support team head and he will assist you right away in the best possible way.

Email: [email protected]

Phone Support (For T3 Enterprise Clients)

We also offer call support over the phone to assist our clients, based on the intensity/severity of the issue. If you think the above-mentioned support Tiers are not for you, you can call us right away.

We also assign a Dedicated Account Manager & Direct Phone Number is provided

Premium Support

Receive support from streaming experts. At Vodlix , we believe that when our customers succeed, so do we. Our premium support plans offer various levels of service so you can get the help you need, when you need it.

Not only that we provide technical support related to vodlix, a team of Experts are also available for Consultation to help you take your business to next level.

See Premium Support Plans

Severity/Priority Definitions and Initial Response Time

Severity Definition Initial Response Time
Critical Core functionality is not working such as the user can’t log in, the video doesn’t play at all, payment doesn’t go through and likewise. It must be a core functionality, without which the application is up ( and available) but unusable. In most of the cases, it will be clearly identifiable, if it’s a critical issue or not. 1 Hour
High The scenarios such as CMS feature not working, Video encoding issue,Video upload issue and likewise, will fall under this category. The request requires timely processing, as the non-working functionality could cause serious interruptions or negatively impact the business. 4 hours
Medium The problem causes interruptions in normal operations, but doesn’t have an impact on the operation of a production system. Email notification not working, or Language translation not working and likewise will be of this issue category. 8 hours
Low The issue results in minimal or no interruptions to normal business operations (no business impact). The issue consists of "how to" issues primarily. UI issues and likewise can be considered as a low priority. 1 Day