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Give your users a complete Experience with Subtitles!

Subtitles are more than just words that appear on a screen. They are a source of the audience’s comprehension of the video. They are able to get a deeper understanding of what’s happening, what’s being said and its characters.

Vodlix Subtitles

Multiple Subtitles

Vodlix allows you to easily add multiple subtitles to your content in just a few clicks. Subtitles is the most common way to deliver content in up to 100 languages. They are cost-effective, and a highly flexible method.

Vodlix Add Multiple Subtitles
Vodlix Providing Support for SRT and VTT Caption

SRT & VTT Support

Vodlix is providing full support for SRT and VTT Captions.SRT is the most commonly used format for subtitles. It is easy to create plus is considered suitable as it creates an external file containing text details making it convenient for clients to make changes in their videos if required in future.

Default Subtitles

You can now set default subtitles in languages other than English which would prove to be a very attractive feature to your viewers from different parts of the globe. Once a language is set at default you may not need to change it repeatedly. Subtitles may also be set at default according to different geographical locations.

Vodlix Default Subtitles
Vodlix Subtitle Via SFTP

Bulk upload via SFTP

With our SFTP uploading method you can upload large files of subtitles that will automatically be mapped to the corresponding video. You can upload zip files or large files with no overlapping or missing out any text. Be ready for a streaming experience.

Closed captions and Subtitles

Where subtitles are the text alternative for the video’s dialogue Closed Captions is a step ahead. Closed Captions are texts describing the additional noise and sounds present in the video such as a ringing phone, background noises and any other sound.

Select Language of Subtitle File

With Vodlix you can avail this feature and increase viewer’s preference for your videos.

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Frequently asked questions

What formats does Vodlix support for subtitles?
Vodlix supports SRT and VTT captions formats. SRT is the most commonly used format and is easily customizable.
Can I add multiple subtitles in different languages?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to add multiple subtitles in different languages in just a few clicks.
Can I set default subtitles in languages other than English?
Yes, you can set default subtitles in different languages to cater to a wider audience.
How can I upload large files of subtitles to Vodlix?
Vodlix supports bulk upload of subtitles via SFTP, making it easy to upload large files without missing any text.
What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?
Subtitles are text alternatives for the dialogue in a video, while closed captions describe additional sounds and noises present in the video.