Add Multiple Subtitles

Vodlix allows you to add subtitles to all your audio or video content automatically so that viewers from every part of the world can take advantage of your platform. Some people like to watch movies on mute while some might be naturally impaired from hearing. Subtitles make it easy for all diversities to watch and enjoy the outstanding experience of watching content on their big screens.

Unlimited Subtitles

Vodlix accommodates unlimited number of subtitles for your content. You viewers can select their preferred language subtitle and enjoy watching their favorite TV show.

SRT and VTT Supported

Vodlix uses HTML5 video player which shows subtitles and captions added in SRT or VTT format as soon as the video loads. When the viewers click the CC button, they are able to select and view captions of their desired language

Default Subtitle

Just like your viewers can select a default language, they can also set a default subtitle language, saving them from the hassle of  choosing it over and over again. By default, subtitles are set according to geographical areas too. When a user from a certain region logs in, he will be able to see subtitles in his native language. 

Bulk Upload via SFTP

Upload subtitles in bulk securely using SFTP and it will map the subtitles to corresponding videos on its own with zero possibilities of overlapping. What follows is, a hassle-free and connected streaming experience.