Analytics and Reporting

Vodlix provides its platform owners a minute to minute detail of watch time, views, hence, an overall detail of their audio/video content performance.  

As platform owners, Vodlix analytics gives you access to viewers’ interests by watch time which in turn would help you improve your content to reach higher engagement and earn more revenue.  

The statistics showing users consumption behavior, devices used, users’ geographical locations, buffering time and drop off rates,  admins can keep track of which content to put on top.

Revenue Report

Platform owners have complete control over revenue reports which they can download, search or filter any time they want. Under the Reporting category, you can have a daily report of your revenue in detail in order to remonetize or recategorize particular content. After having an overview of viewers engagement through the analytics, you can redesign subscriptions, coupons, etc. This will in turn enhance your revenue!

Google Analytics

To help you become one of the leading video streaming platforms, Vodlix comes with built-in integration with Google Analytics so you can keep track of which content got the highest engagement and which not. Not only this, it will help you formulate a better strategy to earn more revenue.

Views and Watch Time

Vodlix analytics give you complete statistics of which content has how many views along with watch time. So this helps you in selecting content to put in top categories.

Content & Bandwidth Report

Admins not only can see which content is generating more views but also the amount bandwidth that is being consumed on a certain content. This depends on different factors including devices used, geographical areas and quality of content being watched. Keeping a track of all these details results in implementing a better content strategy for your platform to get more business and providing an ultimate experience to your viewers.

Devices Report

Vodlix helps you keep a record of your viewers preference with regard to devices too. Under Analytics, you get a detailed report of users devices as well as browsers they use the most to watch their favorite content.

Locationwise Report

Users can now have access to a detailed revenue report in a certain time frame based on viewers geographical areas. Admins can view revenue statistics within a time period from an individual country as well as by selecting multiple countries. This helps in improving the target audience of your platform.

New Orders Report

With the Vodlix Reporting category, you can have complete information on new orders along with their dates so as to keep a track of your platform’s engagement within a certain week, month or year. 

Billing and Invoices

Along with the platform’s overall reports and statistics, you can view the list of invoices along with their payment gateways and dates. This works like a highlighter to your overall sales in a week, month or year.