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You can set preferred timings for both private and public videos based on your viewer’s
peak timings of watching those videos. Also, you can schedule dates, time and location to broadcast videos.
Make customized entity labels and categorize your content based on the genres,
industry, format or other comparison factors.

Reports & Analytics

Vodlix allows you to track your content’s performance with analytic and reporting toolsthat are easy to use. Get insights to make required changes in your video content and target an increased number of audience.

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Built in Video Hosting

Vodlix CMS has you covered from hosting videos to a flawless delivery, everything is managed for you by our CMS. Uploading videos in bulk is as smooth as you wanted it.With speedy encoding, your content is automatically prepared for delivery on multiple screens.

Secure Live streaming

With one click you can go Live on all devices. Access your live stream records that will be available on demand right after the show. Moreover, including them in your subscription you can offer them as pay-per-view or as a bundle package. 

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white label vod platform

Exclusive Subscription Management

With Vodlix, manage your subscribers and their subscription packages making sure your audience is having a worthy experience. Whether a subscription is purchased or is rented, Vodlix CMS has it managed at its backend. You can now also offer multiple payment options to get paid earlier with multi-currency integration that allows you to get paid through different payment methods in different currencies.

Your Content Your Timings

Manage your content by Scheduling the release of your videos and getting them automatically published on those dates. You can set expiration dates on your videos and get them removed from your platform automatically on those dates.

white label vod platform
HLS protocol

Efficient User Management

Vodlix allows you to easily manage your users and their accounts. Manage their access to your platform and maintain security. The importance of users management has increased drastically over the decade. It allows an organization to choose the best IT resource options.

SEO Management

Vodlix provides you with the option of managing your SEO strategy to maximize results. Achieve your sales goals, marketing goals, and business goals. With a good SEO strategy, you are able to attract quality traffic and improve the credibility of your business. So aim to optimize users’ experience with SEO.

HLS protocol

Power Pack Marketing Tools

With Vodlix CMS manages ads, promotions, discounts, and newsletters. Marketing is one of the most vital parts of running a business successfully which is why Vodlix provides you solutions to effortlessly market your content

HLS protocol