A Complete Management Suite for your White-Label OTT Platform

This article highlights the features of a management suite for white-label OTT platforms that enables efficient content management, monetization, and audience engagement.

By Edward Cullen

August 17th, 2022

A Complete Management Suite for your White-Label OTT Platform

Management Suite for your White-Label OTT Platform

We have already learned a lot from OTT (Over the Top) and the industry is growing rapidly. We have also enlightened how you can grow Your OTT subscription business after the pandemic. This time we are here with VODLIX – a complete white-label OTT VOD platform. You can get a Netflix clone with premium services. Let’s check out the amazing features that Vodlix offers:

Fully Featured & User-Friendly Admin Backend

Vodlix enables you to manage the content with full ease. It offers a user-friendly and easy-to-manage admin panel dashboard where you can perform every action and will be able to see the result in real time. You can manage to upload content including movies, seasons, videos, clips, etc., and also be able to set the monetization method. You can set the default monetization method enabled by default settings or you can change the monetization method for individual content as well. Vodlix has a completely powerful CMS that is an ultimate tool that keeps every action on a few simple clicks.

HLS Streaming

Vodlix supports HLS Streaming and is compatible with the largest number of devices and browsers. It offers great impactful benefits for both professional broadcasters and newcomers to the live and on-demand video content world alike.

Extensive Reporting

Vodlix enables you to get useful Insights and analytics for better decision-making. It has a unique and eye-catching automated reporting structure to help content publishers know about the performance of their content. You can easily get to know which of the content is performing better, who are the users, what is the top content, and how much revenue is being generated.

Multi-Server Function

Vodlix offers hassle-free encoding with the speedy delivery of content. Vodlix’s multi-server V4 allows you to add unlimited servers to define the server roles such as application server, encoding server, and storage server for the relevant processing. Users can activate and deactivate any server from the backend.

Content Management (Movies/Series)

Fewer clicks are required for Content Ingestion and Management with Vodlix. Movies and series uploading is not a lengthy process through the Vodlix system. Its system enables users to input video content with fewer clicks. Users can edit, manage, and add details and metadata, active, inactive, and so on from this module. 

Moreover, series and episodes can be created right away while uploading the content. Vodlix provides the Artist Management module in the backend which enables the admin to add the details of the director and cast in a list. Artists can be created/added to the system from this module as well and the new cast and director can be added during content ingestion. The selected cast and director will be shown in the front under the movies and series in an eye-catching format.

Multiple Monetization Model Support

With Vodlix, you have the flexibility to support different monetization models. Vodlix enables you to implement a successful business model according to your unique needs as it offers three models i.e. SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.

SVOD is a subscription-based model to generate revenue through predefined recurring payments. TVOD is a transaction-based VOD model where users have to pay for each premium video to continue watching. AVOD is an ad-based model that enables you to generate revenue by running ads on the video content of a website.

User Management & Access Control

Vodlix allows you to manage the audience through a skillful and interactive interface. It lets you manage the existing users of your system and add new users to your system. Users can be controlled through available tools that include activating/deactivating users, verifying users, banning users, etc.

A user can be assigned any role according to the permission levels like Administrator, Registered user, guest, etc. Hence, with assigned roles, they will be able to perform any action.

White-Label & Rebranding

Manage the branding of your website with Vodlix. Vodlix's white-label solution allows you to brand yourself as you like. It enables you to add your website title, slogans, Meta description, logo, favicon, app header, login page image, and signup page image. Users can update the branding through general configuration.

Publish Announcement

You can convey to the audience through special announcements on the website from the publish announcement feature of Vodlix. Many media houses and content owners sometimes have important announcements for their audience. Our system provides a way to publish a message or announcement on any page from the admin panel dashboard. It’s been easier for our many clients to make special announcements regarding any topic or subject to their audience.

Chromecast from Web and Mobile Apps

You can Chromecast from the Web and Mobile apps of Vodlix. Users can put their favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen. Therefore, you can enjoy built-in Chromecast support on your website and mobile apps without any headache from installing additional apps or add-ons. Your viewers can choose to watch their favorite videos via a Website (Browser with the Google Cast extension installed) or via Mobile Devices (with Google Cast installed) by just pressing the cast button on the video player on your Vodlix-powered platform.

Live Streaming

Vodlix offers you to add a live channels section to add live TV channels news, sports, and other TV stations instantly. Vodlix is an end-to-end streaming solution that delivers your content throughout the world with the least likelihood of latency and gives you a unique connected experience.

Besides this, Vodlix gives unlimited concurrent users on engaged webcasts with multi-bitrate technology and the most organized support backing you up 24/7, 365 days a year.