Bring your best content to the top with our Top 10 list Feature

This article highlights the Top 10 list feature, which allows businesses to bring their best content to the top and improve user engagement.

By Edward Cullen

January 30th, 2023

How to create a top 10 Content List?

Now that you have launched a Vodlix OTT and IPTV Platform, your next strategy is to engage your customers and show them your best OTT content. We are sure that you have a strong plan and for that, we provide you with the best tools to execute them.

Vodlix’s Top 10 Lists – Live across all platform

Yes, our new Top 10 Feature is now live, Have a quick look at the feature but look at the video shared below don’t forget to give your feedback on how you plan to use it. we would love to highlight and get inspired by the creative uses.

How does Content List look?


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