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Truly Immersive: Apple Launches the Apple Vision Pro

This article tells what Apple Vision Pro is, its usage, capabilities, and more

By Akash

June 7th, 2023

Vodlix VR (Virtual Reality) Apps

Apple Vision Pro is a hot topic in the technology world right now.

On the 6th of June, 2023, Apple, Inc. announced its new augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. This latest development from Apple, Inc. promises a new dawn of augmented reality. It brings spatial computing to everyday users, integrating the virtual world into their surroundings. The headset has two displays with more than 4k resolution each. The output from the Vision Pro headset seems projected in the outside environment. The headset features two ultra-high-definition speakers with spatial audio. The device comes with M2 and R1, two powerful processors.

Apple Vision Pro runs on VisionOS, an operating system designed and developed by Apple for Vision devices. The useability of Apple Vision Pro is limitless, gaming, media, communication, productivity, education, training, and more. Apple Vision Pro will launch with limited applications, but the platform will grow fast as the global development community launches its applications. The frameworks and tools include Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit, as well as support for Unity and the new 3D-content preparation app Reality Composer Pro.


The headset will be available for the general public by the summer of 2024. Available through Apple's official website and authorized retailers with a price tag of $3499.


The immersive experience will bring characters to real life, like standing right in the center of the frame of a movie and feeling like a part of the environment. What Apple just started doing, Vodlix has had for years. Vodlix has had its Oculus VR App for years. The user experience with our VR applications is seamless and immersive.


Vodlix is excited to see the development of VR in the mainstream.

As a white-label OTT(Over-The-Top) Platform, Vodlix delivers a rich user experience through the Web, Smartphones, IPTVs, VRs, and more. Our platforms have beautiful interfaces for our Video-on-Demand(VOD) solutions. Vodlix is the client's favorite for supporting multiple monetization models, including AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and more.


As VRs are popular now, we intend to increase our presence. Vodlix has already started working on our Apple Vision Pro Application. Our white-label application will be ready in the next few months. After the development, Vodlix's partners can customize the application and publish their content on Apple Vision Pro headsets. Vodlix is helping VOD providers to have their apps on Oculus VR & Apple Vision Pro.


Vodlix always provides the latest development for our clients. Our commitment to customer-centricity in OTT(Over-The-Top) industry starts with providing the latest features to our clients with custom development. The results fuel our efforts; we will keep delivering the best services.