Custom Features

Vodlix offers all kind of customization and custom features in your OTT, Video on demand, video streaming and subscription-based video on demand service according to your requirements. You can discuss the addition of any custom feature in your platform with our experts and they will study the feasibility of the feature and work with you to implement it just according to your requirements.

white-label OTT platform

Our team of experts focuses on client-centric engagement. We ensure that our implementation professionals work in close coordination with your internal team, our team leads frequently liaise with your project owners, and our top management interfaces with yours as needed.

Instead of spending months or years creating custom-made solutions and add-ons to address requirements specific to your industry or line of business, Systems offers a range of ready-to-go, principal-certified, and best-practice driven solutions that allow you to fast-track your digital projects and achieve results in a fraction of the time.

Vodlix applies its decades of experience to streamline your OTT operations to ensure that you aren’t paying for resources you don’t need and that these resources are tuned to deliver peak performance.

Business Model