Custom Plugin

Customize your Plugins and make things work your way!
Plugins are vital in improving functions of your website development. They assist in providing a custom web experience. Searching for the best plugin can be a daunting task which is why Vodlix is here to develop for you a custom plugin that best suits your requirements.

Plugins & Apps Manager

Now monitor your business applications to meet end user expectations. Plugin App Manager is required for observing the settings and gaining information on certain events and statistics. Vodlix Plugin Manager is user-friendly and a powerful interface that would fulfill your expectations. Vodlix also supports 3rd-party plugins developed and approved for our platform.

Custom Plugin Development

Vodlix now allows you to build your own plugin and run it on your site. This may be done through our plugin development guide which is a simple process for you to follow and hence be able to upload it. We have a complete custom plugin development guide which is a comprehensive document available to assist developers achieve their goals.

API Documentation

You can find our Extensive API Documentation on our Developer’s Portal which may be used for integration thus improving the experience of those using your APIs.


Packaging & Publishing

The Packaging and Publishing of plugins to Vodlix’s platform is a smooth process. We ensure the workflow is easy to practice and implement in the same manner.

Frequently Ask Questions

Vodlix is a complete OTT middleware for delivering TV, Video On Demand, Catchup, DVR and interactive services to customers in any network. Launch your own branded (White labeled) multiscreen live and on-demand content streaming OTT and VOD platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar. Easily customize your service with our graphical user interface to delight your customers – no coding required.

You can order Vodlix for your own OTT platform across multiple platforms like Web, Android app, iOS app, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Firestick etc. by contacting our sales team for quotation and customization. We offer you a fully managed cloud based solution or the option of self hosted platform on any of your preferred service like AWS, Azure etc. Our team will install, configure and deploy the complete solution for you. We offer all kinds of customization’s and consultation services for OTT platforms as well.

Cloud Based in our network

We host Cloud Based in our network, no deployment or configuration required, we will just need your domain to setup your platform in a few minutes.

Self Hosted

Self hosted requires installation on your premises for you to host or deployment on any of your preferred services like AWS, Azure, Akamai, Google cloud etc. Our tech support will deploy everything for you.