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Create your own Stylish Theme!
Plugins are vital in improving functions of your website development. They assist in providing a custom web
experience. Searching for the best plugin can be a daunting task which is why Vodlix
is here to develop for you a custom plugin that best suits your requirements.
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Enhance users experience with our specialised, customisable themes and templates.

Build a captivate online presence through customisation.

Engineered themes deliberately design for a polished look on any device.

Take Full Control with our easy-to-use visual editor

Get fully customisable and branded experience without coding.

Your signature colours and imagery on the web or any device.

Themes and Template Manager

With Vodlix you can now choose a theme from a bucket full of responsive templates and customize them as you wish to best reflect your brand.  They will be edited on the fly with Live Editor. Each of our themes are remarkable and unique, promising a seamless experience.

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Your ideas can now be turned into a great view with Vodlix’ customizable themes and templates.
With our quick setup you can design a theme that monetizes your videos,
gives you control over design and creates for your platform a graceful look on all devices.
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Template Settings and Customization

Customize a default template as you desire. You will be able to view all modifications done in the theme through live previewing in real time. Through a unified interface you can customize various aspects of the theme. Colors, logos, layouts, widgets, menus and much more can be edited according to your choice. Create the best suitable look for your platform that matches your brand’s needs. Themes and Plugins that are similar can add options to the customizer.

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