Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Launch Fully Featured & Managed Video Streaming Mobile Apps for your Brand!

Mobile App Features

Native Android / iOS app

Offer your users to easily access your platform on Mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to sit before a laptop or desktop anymore to enjoy Movies and TV shows.


Users can add the videos to WatchList which they would like to watch later. WatchList encourages users to watch the saved videos and this increases the view count of videos.

Push Notifications

Instant notifications to users deliver popular and interesting videos to them and this will increase the click rate of videos. It ultimately leads to more revenue for you.

Offline Streaming

Vodlix mobile apps enable your users to download movies and Tv Shows for offline streaming within the app Just like Netflix. The downloaded videos are only accessible within the app.

History Tracking

Your users can see the history of the videos they have watched. You use the same data to personalize recommended videos for them resulting in enhanced user experience.

Extensive Search

Your users can search for titles and watch immediately on their phone or on an ever-expanding list of supported devices.

Vodlix Support For Apps

Get the feel of your streaming app even before it is developed! As soon you become a Vodlix customer, unlock your true ownership and get hands-on with your streaming app right from the beginning using Vodlix. Vodlix Mobile app, an innovative invention from Vodlix, delivers a near deployment quality working preview of your native mobile app instantly where you can stream video/audio and test the streaming quality as well! See, feel, and experience your streaming app through Vodlix till the original app gets mustered up at developer’s desk to be one of the best in business.

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