Content Monetization Revenue Models

Vodlix supports all popular formats of video and audio monetizations out-of-the-box!
Sell your video and audio content on Subscription (SVOD), Transactional (TVOD) or Pay per View (PPV) or Electronic Sell-Thru (EST) as well as Video Ad-Supported (AVOD) model, or a combination of all.

Apart from these, Vodlix links your platform to your own payment gateway and supports multiple currencies, as well as features like Coupon Codes, access to video and audio content with or without site registration, charging to user’s card directly on apps like iOS and Android etc, allowing you to have complete control over the way you want to monetize your platform.

Pre-order Live Streaming Content

Many sites offer pre-ordering VOD content but that is not extraordinary. Since feed is available at your end, with Vodlix you can pre-order live streaming events too! Marketing and Monetization are 2 major aspects of content that are provided so easily with Vodlix.

Subscription (SVOD)

SVOD allows you to monetize your video, audio or live stream content by providing subscriptions to viewers. You can easily plan customized monthly or yearly subscription packages. Also, you can offer your users a free trial for a few hours or days.
Other than this, it is completely in your hands to decide which content will be accessible on the basis of subscription or which content will come under other models of monetization.

TVOD / Pay Per View (PPV)

Monetization of audio/video/live-stream content is also possible through TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) / PPV (Pay Per View) or Rental Models. Number of views or even number of hours can be restricted through this model. You will have an option to set TVOD/PPV on an entire TV Series as well as season individually. Besides this, you can choose different price packages for existing subscribers and non-subscribers. Vodlix can give you unlimited options of customization within these business models

Ad Supported (AVOD)

Vodlix allows you to make money through ads too! HTML5 video player is VAST and VPAID compliant and can easily be integrated with Ad Servers and Ad Networks. It gives you the facility to set various ad formats including Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll for monetization. Vodlix supports and fully integrates ad servers like Google DoubleClick, YuMe and SpotXchange. You can further monetize with multiple ad networks or upload your video ads onto the ad server once the integration is complete. AVOD can simultaneously work with other monetization models (SVOD, TVOD).

Crowdfunding & Donation

Vodlix has made production of subsequent seasons or a famous TV series on your own channel much easier with the donation and crowdfunding option. You can simply set a target for the donation against a particular content and your end-users can donate their store credits. Crowdfunding then shows you the percentage of the target that is achieved. Donation monetization model is only offered by Vodlix with which you can gauge your content popularity and level of interest by the audience within the brackets of your budget.

Free Content

We give you the opportunity to value your old and loyal customers by providing them free content so as to build a sense of trust and in result, more engagement on the website which means more monetization too.


Don’t want your customers to get bored of the same packages? Vodlix enables you to provide promotional coupons and discounts to your users. It has a built-in coupon code engine which gives you the option to plan and create a unique code for coupons. It can also be used for marketing purposes and helps users to avail these coupons.

Loyalty Credits

With Vodlix, you can give loyalty credit to your users for every subscription activation and/or renewal. This gives them a sense of appreciation. You can also enable users to redeem points against watching any content of any category of their choice.

End-user Wallet

End-user wallet allows users to buy, store, manage and spend their store credits to watch content of their choice at their convenient time. Not only this, your end-users have an option to donate credits with which they can request a sequel or to watch their favorite show on repeat.

Pre-Pay Content

Vodlix gives you a variety of pre-pay options. It allows you to pre-order for video and audio content before it is even released on your platform! You can sell audio/video content with a “Coming Soon” label. Also, you can set prices for pre-order and for released audio/video content.

Guest Mode

Unique guest mode allows you to give free access to people of your choice. You can make the platform free to anyone on the basis of your requirement and let them access a video/content without any registration.

Content Bundling

Ever heard of content bundling? Just like you can pile up a number of books, you can do so with your audio/video content too. Create a bundle of 2 or more similar audio/video content and set a price so it can be purchased as a bundle and make it less time-consuming.

Restricted Subscription Access

Vodlix gives you a thrilling feature to block any subscriber for any particular geographical area. This feature allows you to choose which monetization model best suits your requirement in a certain area.