Payment Gateway Integration

Vodlix gives you the facility to run your convenient payment gateway in just a click. We integrate with all the famous payment gateways including Strip, Paypal, Adyen, etc. You don’t need to worry if you can not find your preferred payment gateway. All you have to do is make a request to integrate a payment gateway of your choice and you are good to go. It can be operator/carrier billing or even paying in bitcoins.
Not only this, you can make your platform convenient for customers across the globe by setting payment gateways according to geographical areas too. Content owners do not have to share a single penny with Vodlix. Their revenue shares go straight to their bank account which is why they choose Vodlix. Vodlix guarantees transaction and data security and ensures privacy when it comes to accepting payments.

Out of box integrations!

Vodlix offers you to choose a payment gateway as per your convenience or preference within a very few hours. It is integrated with Stripe, Paypal, etc. as default payment gateways but it can be changed with just a click and a request. It can be integrated on the Vodlix page or on a hosted page from the gateway’s domain and you are ready to go live!

Request your own Payment Gateway

Making a request to integrate your own payment gateway is easy. Vodlix can integrate all payment methods be it credit card payment, mobile enabled payment gateways like M-Pesa or IdeaBiz or even bitcoins. The only requirement is to have tech support and valid documents.

Zero Revenue Shares

Vodlix gives you the facility to keep the complete revenue straight to your bank account no matter which payment gateway you choose. No transaction and no delays in transferring payments!

Multiple Payment Gateways

Not only Vodlix provides its users to choose a payment gateway of their choice, but also to give this option to their subscribers to make payments with whatever payment gateway suits them.

Local Currencies

Vodlix helps you to accept currencies from all over the world. Be it any local currencies, Pounds, US Dollars, or even Bitcoins!

Automatic Billing

We offer you a hassle free mode of billing. Once a user subscribes, Vodlix will automatically send them their bills/charges according to their subscribed plan.

Discounts and Coupons

In order to create a sense of interest among your users or new customers, Vodlix allows you to create coupons or discounts to visitors or your loyal customers. They are offered to pay entirely through coupons or get discounts once they checkout.

SEPA Integration

Direct bank transfers are made easy because Vodlix is integrated with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). It makes it easier and faster to make transactions for customers within Europe!

IP Payment Gateway

Vodlix is integrated with an award-winning payment service which is the most famous in the UK, Australia and New Zealand called PCI level 1 compliant gateway known as IP Payments. With this, users belonging to these areas can make advanced and secure transactions.

Compliance with PCI

Worried about users card information security? You don’t need to. Vodlix ensures confidentiality of its users card information. Vodlix is PCI compliant which means card authorization, user authentication, card data storage, card data transmission and user passwords, everything is protected.
PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the benchmark for secure online payments through cards on any site. Its guidelines ensure multi-layer defense, encrypted data transmission and data protection architecture to guarantee a secure payment procedure.

Carrier Billing

Don’t want to trouble your customers through credit card payments? Vodlix has a solution! It can allow your customers to pay bills through mobile apps. All they have to do is to complete a two-step authentication procedure and a confirmation SMS will make it all easy. Not only this, Vodlix gives you the flexibility to pay through any telecom provider including M-Pesa, iDeaBiz, Monetbol and MTN.