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With Vodlix Cloud Plans, All content is managed on our Cloud Network, no deployment or configuration required, You can create your account and start using it with in seconds. Vodlix Self Hosted plan is a one-time payment plan with a lifetime license which requires installation on your premises for you to host or deploy on any of your preferred services like AWS, Azure, Akamai, Google cloud etc.


Vodlix Cloud Plans

All plans are paid monthly

With Vodlix Cloud Plans, All content is managed on our Cloud Network, no deployment or configuration required, You can create your account and start using it with in seconds

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Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Pricing £1199/mo Start now

14 Days free trial

£2999/mo Start now

14 Days free trial

Include Enterprise Plan
and much more
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Content Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 50 TB 100 TB Unlimited
Storage 5 TB 10 TB Unlimited
Video Transcoding Check Check Check
Video CDN Check Check Check
Unlimited Admin Accounts Check Check Check
Movies Manager Check Check Check
Series & TV Shows Check Check Check
Fully White-labeled Check Check Check
Payment Gateway's Check Check Check
Monetization Check Check Check
AVOD, SVOD, TVOD Check Check Check
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Check Check Check
Video Encryption Check Check Check
Analytics Dashboard Check Check Check
Artists Manager Check Check Check
1080 & 4K Streaming Check Check Check
API Documentation Check Check Check
Customizable Video Player Check Check Check
Express Lanes Check Check Check
Android & iOS Apps Bundle Check Check Check
Live TV Check Check Check
VR Check Check Check
DRM Check Check Check
Apple TV & Android Bundle Check Check Check
LG & Samsung Apps Bundle Check Check Check
Roku App Check Check Check

Mobile & TV Apps Addons Pricing

All addon pricing plans are paid annually

Plans Professional Enterprise Ultimate

Mobile Apps Bundle

Includes Android & iOS App
Included Included Included

TV Apps Bundle

Includes Android TV & tVOS
£999/mo Included Included

LG & Samsung Apps Bundle

Include LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen
£699/mo £699/mo Included

Roku App

Include Roku TV App
£699/mo £699/mo Included
Plans Standard Professional Enterprise

Mobile Apps Bundle

Includes Android & iOS App
£799/mo Included Included

TV Apps Bundle

Includes Android TV & tvOS
£999/mo £999/mo Included

LG & Samsung Apps Bundle

Includes LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen
£699/mo £699/mo £699/mo

Roku App

Includes Roku TV App
£699/mo £699/mo £699/mo

One time setup

Following are our one-time setup charges for App Automation & Submission

Mobile Apps

This includes App setup of both iOS and Android on App Store & Play Store for Automation.

TV Apps

This includes App setup of both tvOS and Android TV on App Store & Play Store for Automation.

LG & Samsung Submission Setup

Includes both LG & Samsung Submission with Technical Diagrams & Documentation

Roku App

This includes App setup with Technical Diagrams & Documentation
Infrastructure Fee

Every plan offers some bandwidth and storage for free as mentioned in the pricing table above. After the free limit is reached, bandwidth & storage are then charged at the following rates.

BANDWIDTH£0.007 per GB
STORAGE£0.05 per GB
Vodlix Self Hosted

Purchase the Vodlix white label OTT Video on Demand solution with Smartphone (Android/iOS) and TV (Android TV, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen OS) applications. Self Hosted license is for lifetime and valid for one domain/sub-domain with one off payment.

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Pricing frequently asked questions

How is Bandwidth Calculated?
Bandwidth cost is generally calculated on the total file size of a video being played back. An average HD 1 Hour movie will consume a bandwidth of about 1024 mb.
What does the cloud pricing plans include?
Our plan pricing includes the website, preset templates that you can customise with your color options, storage, hosting on the cloud, Bandwidth and Security.
Do you provide Mobile & TV Apps?
Yes we offer white labeled Mobile and TV Apps, Vodlix will build, and deploy these on respective app stores under your name. Please check our Cloud pricing table for more info on additional costing for Mobile / TV Apps. For Self Hosted plan, contact our sales team with your requirements to get a quotation.
Do I have to pay extra for Technical Support and Maintenance?
No, all Cloud plans Tech Support, Product updates and regular Maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about anything once you launch. For Self Hosted Plans : Technical support and updates are free for the first 3 months, for further support plans contact our sales team.
Do you offer Customizations? Can we Integrate our Preferred Payment method Gateways and CDN?
Yes, we offer all kinds of customization’s in Vodlix. Any customization’s requests are chargeable separately, for which you will receive a detailed quote before any work starts and is billed to you. You can also request for a custom integration with your required Payment Gateway or CDN provider, our team will give you a detail quote for the same and integrate it upon your approval
Are there any Hidden Charges of Taxes?
All plans include details of all the charges; you will be required to pay additional fees only if you exceed the bandwidth as per our pricing table and any storage charges if applicable. Local taxes if applicable in your country / regions are to be paid by you directly to your respective tax authorities.
What Payment methods are available to purchase Cloud Plans?
Vodlix supports all leading credit and debit cards, in case you want to make payments via any alternate methods, you can speak with us and request for PayPal or Wire Transfer Details.
Does Mobile & TV App Submissions Includes Marketing Material?
No, we only setup the App with Certificates and Publishing process. You will have to upload the screenshots & Marketing Details. Or you will share them with us and we will upload.