Tv Apps

Android Tv App

Get your Vodlix working on your smart TV with the Android TV app within seconds! Our app is hands down the best and gives a rich user experience by providing ability to accommodate new designs and up-to-date features.

Apple TV App

Vodlix has a built-in native iOS App. All you need is sign-up, upload content of any type and you are good to go!

Roku Channel App

Vodlix allows your brand name everywhere, be it logo or brand communication. Same is with the Roku Channel app. Vodlix only looks over the technology. We allow you to create the app in Roku Store with your own name and email hence, 100% ownership, revenue, content and subscribers are under your control.

Amazon Fire TV App

We give a complete solution including creation of an Amazon Fire TV app. All you have to do is simply log in and start uploading content. In this way, your app is instantly submitted to the Amazon store and goes live to the audience with just one click.

Samsung TV App

Vodlix is a completely white-labeled solution and it offers you to highlight your logo and brand name wherever you want. Our platform is super compatible with the IT setup which means you can display your brand logo in the app store, website or wherever you think is required. It can be said that Vodlix lets you make your own brand!


Vodlix creates the app and you can brand it like your own with your own logo and identity.

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