Vodlix Vs Muvi

OTT platform must give you a complete solution with 24/7 support. Launching an OTT platform and its uninterrupted functions require full support from the provider. 

Vodlix is the complete end-to-end solution for your white-label streaming, VOD, and live streaming platform with a bundle of outstanding features.   

Muvi is a video streaming platform available to develop AVOD and SVOD. You can run this platform with additional settings with a cloud-like AWS or any other one. Muvi charge is extra for the fewer services.   

Cloud-Based Platform

A network of servers linked by the Internet connects to a cloud OTT platform. The users will all access the data, resources, and applications. A centralized server connects all devices throughout the world. 

Vodlix is an entirely cloud-based platform to meet all OTT and VOD needs. It is an end-to-end, technology-enriched, cloud-based platform for all your SVOD and TVOD (PPV) broadcasting with full AVOD provision.  

Muvi is a subscription-based platform that does not have cloud-based settings for live streaming and VOD.  


When anything is customized, the user’s preferences are given top consideration. Users are shown options matching their preferences after being asked to specify them. 

Vodlix is a customized video streaming solution for all content creators and broadcasting needs. You will be able to customize your user’s interface. Customized settings and themes are available according to your needs.

Muvi is not offering customization to the content creators. Generally, a shared setting is given to you on the subscription.  

Responsive and Manageable

When playing on different devices, responsive videos resize themselves while preserving their original aspect ratio. Different types of audiences watch videos on different devices so the responsiveness of the videos matters a lot.  

Vodlix has a Cloud-based best ott hosting to own a customized and manageable White-labeled platform that will give you full control over the content you provide and is a more responsive solution for all types of devices.  

On the other hand, Muvi has limitations in customization and responsiveness. You will face many hitches while using Muvi as your ott platform.  

Real-Time Video Streaming

Your OTT platform should have a real-time video streaming option so there would be no delay in providing your videos to your audience. Live streaming needs real-time access. 

Vodlix provides high-quality live streaming with high-definition frequencies. Vodlix allows you to broadcast real-time video along with no delays in voice and no time lags. It is the OTT solution that fits all your IPTV and VOD requirements. You will have the highest quality video streaming, the uppermost featured VOD, and the best TV solution with VODLIX. 

Muvi does not give you high-quality streaming functions all the time. There are postponements in voice and videos and very delays in zapping that cause frustration to your user. Your content will face issues in live streaming and VODs. 

Comparison chart

Muvi offers very limited Video Platform that can be used to launch their video streaming website and apps however they don’t offer scaling, growth or customizations. While you can start a video streaming service using Muvi, you may very quickly run into hurdles when you need something customized, tweaked, changed or added. Due to its revenue model, it is very restrictive in terms of the growth options it provides to its clients and their ability to be the next big thing in their industry. Vodlix offers better services, more features, better user experience, and an easily scalable solution.

  • Muvi
  • Winner
Start Price$399/month$375/month
Concurrent Users2000UNLIMITED
Admin Accounts2UNLIMITED
Mobile AppsLimitedFree with Professional Plan
VR 360
Content Bundles
Content Lists
3rd Party Gateways
Plugin System
Customize Themese
Customize Mobile App
Customize TV app
Instant Setup
Self Hosted
Source Code
Partner PortalAddon $99Free in Professional
GEO Locking
Artists Manager
Multicast Streaming
Live Streaming
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Vodlix is a complete OTT middleware for delivering TV, Video On Demand, Catchup, DVR and interactive services to customers in any network. Launch your own branded (White labeled) multiscreen live and on-demand content streaming OTT and VOD platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar. Easily customize your service with our graphical user interface to delight your customers – no coding required.

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