Vodlix Vs Streamhash

Streamhash is a clone script that can be used to develop AVOD or SVOD platforms.

Vodlix is a complete OTT solution developed dedicatedly for SVOD and TVOD (PPV) platforms. It is not just a generic video streaming solution but developed by keeping in mind the requirements of Media houses and content creators.


Streamhash is a clone script and it is focused on providing a similar lookalike website for YouTube and Netflix, It doesn’t offer a complete end to end solution. In contrast, Vodlix offers you to create multiple profiles and restrict content based on age.


Streamhash offers very limited Video Platform that can be used to launch their video streaming website and apps however they don’t offer scaling, growth or customizations. While you can start a video streaming service using Streamhash, you may very quickly run into hurdles when you need something customized, tweaked, changed or added. Due to its revenue model, it is very restrictive in terms of the growth options it provides to its clients and their ability to be the next big thing in their industry. Vodlix offers better services, more features, better user experience, and an easily scalable solution.

Comparison Chart

Streamhash Vodlix
Start Price $399/month $375/month
Space 1TB 1TB
Bandwidth 5TB 5TB
Concurrent Users 2000 UNLIMITED
Admin Accounts 2 UNLIMITED
Mobile Apps Limited Free with Professional Plan
VR 360
Content Bundles
Content Lists
3rd Party Gateways
Plugin System
Customize Themes
Customize Mobile App
Customize TV app
Instant Setup
Self Hosted
Source Code
Partner Portal Addon $99 Free in Professional
GEO Locking
Artists Manager
Multicast Streaming
Live Streaming