Video Streaming

8 Best SEO practices for a video streaming platform

SEO practices for a video streaming platform We can’t deny the fact that content is the king but in today’s competitive world, the OTT platform can not only rely on quality content. They also need to ensure their content is reaching the target audience. Furthermore, it is highly crucial that their audience can reach the …

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SVOD – Best Revenue Model, Market Demand, Advantage & Pricing Plans

Streaming services offer various revenue models and you can earn pretty well through multiple revenue models that can help you with instant income generation. But you need to know which is the most sustainable model in your niche industry and how consistent is the revenue model for your OTT business in the foreseeable future?  The …

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automated billing

How Automated Billing Solution Can Help Business Growth?

How Automated Billing Solution Can Help Business Growth? In this era of automation and digital workflow, an automated billing solution is a necessity for your business growth. All the big businesses operating are fully automated. Not even the billing process of every operation of the business should be automated. Let’s give you a glimpse- According to …

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White-label OTT Platform

A Complete Management Suite for your White-Label OTT Platform

Management Suite for your White-Label OTT Platform We have already learned a lot by OTT (Over the Top) and the industry is growing rapidly. We have also enlightened how you can grow Your OTT subscription business after the pandemic. This time we are here with VODLIX – a complete white-label OTT VOD platform. You can …

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OTT subscription

How to Grow Your OTT Subscription Business after the Pandemic?

It’s been a crazy year. After the COVID-19 outbreak everyone life has been changed. Due to social distancing and lock down everyone is supposed to stay at home and there are no such activities for them. Many people have lost their jobs. However, some industries have grown in this pandemic situation. The OTT industry is …

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What is OTT? How does it work? How OTT is The World of Tomorrow?

The abbreviation OTT stands for Over-the-top. This means streaming across different devices whenever we want is possible because of “over-the-top,” a convenient little term that explains the new delivery method of film and TV content over the internet without the need for traditional broadcast, cable, or satellites pay-TV services. In simple terms, we’re talking about …

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Video Streaming Platform

Top Features that can Secure Video Streaming Platform in 2021

Video Streaming Platforms Video Streaming platforms are growing rapidly. With the growing business of OTT/ VOD platforms, content is more exposed to security risks. Cybercrime is also increasing including the increase in piracy, hacking, and other digital attacks. Hence, broadcasters are very worried about securing their video content and looking for a solution that offers …

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What Powerpack CMS offers for OTT/VOD Platforms?

CMS is a core of every OTT/VOD platform that ensures the provider gets the right content in the right format. It is a system used to manage and deploy your content. It enhances and truly delivers the experience that will continue to drive engagement. Managing the content is quite a headache if it is not …

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How to Optimize OTT/VOD Platforms in 2021

VOD or Video on Demand is a technology that permits creators and users to watch the content in their own way. They can watch what they want when they want instead of following a traditional broadcasting schedule. VOD platforms are allowing users and creators to bypass the traditional methods of distributing and watching video content.  …

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